WDKK Listener Loyalty Points

No registration required to listen however if you’d like to….

Below you’ll find the benefits of registering with our player on the site. NOTE: This is also the player you’ll find in our App (through Tunein.com) where you’ll also earn points for listening that you can redeem for all kinds of great gifts and prizes!

What is RadioLoyalty™?

RadioLoyalty™ is a loyalty program that rewards users of mobile, Internet radio and television stations that use our UniversalPlayer™ platform here on WDKK Radio.com.  Now listeners/viewers earn points for listening/watching and performing other tasks. Points are redeemable for merchandise in the RadioLoyalty™ Store.

How can I get my password to work?

To retrieve your RadioLoyalty™ password, please open the player, in the upper right corner click “Login”, click “Forgotten Password?”, and submit your e-mail address. An e-mail with your password will be sent to you.

Is there any cost to join RadioLoyalty™?

There is no cost to join RadioLoyalty™.

How do I access RadioLoyalty™ store and my account?

Login into the RadioLoyalty™ player to access your account and to redeem points using RadioLoyalty™ store.

How do I get points from the RadioLoyalty™ program?

There are a lot of ways to get RadioLoyalty™ points, including signing up to become a RadioLoyalty™ member, listening or watching your favorite broadcast(s), using the search bar in the station’s player to perform your Internet searches, and performing other designated tasks. We are constantly adding new ways to earn points so check back often. Please remember, you need to be logged-in to earn points.

What can I use my Points for?

You can exchange your points for merchandise in the RadioLoyalty™ Store.

How do I redeem points once I get them?

Click on the My Account link inside of the UniversalPlayer™ once logged in. Then click on Store and follow the instructions.

Do I need to be logged in to earn points?

Yes, you must be logged in to earn points.

How much are my Points worth?

RadioLoyalty™ points have no monetary value and cannot be bought, sold, traded, bartered or otherwise transferred except through the RadioLoyalty™ program according to the terms and conditions of the Program then in effect. Attempting to buy, sell, trade, barter or otherwise transfer your Points outside of RadioLoyalty™ program will invalidate your Points.

What time zones are used for measurement?

All time zones are in PST or the PST equivalent of the time zone you are in. Days start and end on the PST equivalent, i.e. 3am EST (12:00 midnight PST) is the start of a new day for users in EST. 11:59 PM PST/2:59 am EST is the end of the previous day.

Do my points have an expiration date?

Points are good for 365 days from the date they are awarded, and then they automatically expire.

When I redeem points in the RadioLoyalty™ Store, how do I make sure you use my oldest points first?

Our accounting system will automatically use your oldest points first. The first points earned will be the first points to be used for redemption.

What happens to my points when they expire?

When points expire, they no longer exist and they will not be reflected in your account balance.

Can I get my expired points back somehow?

No. Please use your points before they expire.

What happens if there is a fraction of a point?

No fractional points will be issued. Fractional points are rounded up to the next whole number.

How do I get points for listening or watching a broadcast in the UniversalPlayer™?

You must be logged-in to your RadioLoyalty™ account in order to be granted points. You start earning points from the second you start listening, but no points will be awarded for listening or viewing in any session until you listen or watch a broadcast for at least ten minutes in that session. In other words, there is a ten minute minimum to earn points for watching or listening.

Can I earn points from multiple streams at once?

Each user account can only earn points from one stream at any one time.

What happens if I don’t have enough points to get the merchandise I want?

We will soon add a function that will allow you to buy points from us so that you can purchase enough points to purchase the merchandise.

Can I buy RadioLoyalty™ Points?

We will soon add the ability to buy RadioLoyalty™ points from RadioLoyalty™. You cannot buy RadioLoyalty™ Points from anybody else.

Point Acquisition:

Points are awarded in many ways while using the UniversalPlayer™. The amount of points awarded shall be subject to change and shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of RadioLoyalty™.  Some of the more common loyalty point offers are provided below for informational purposes.

Listening or viewing to programming, awarded in 10 minute increments after listening or viewing in any one session for at least ten minutes or more.


  1. Performing searches in the RadioLoyalty™ search bar (up to a maximum daily cap).
  2. Responding to special offers.
  3. Responding to qualifying surveys.
  4. Using the share feature in the UniversalPlayer™ to share with your friends on popular social media platforms (up to a maximum daily cap)
  5. Using apps in the UniversalPlayer™ (up to a maximum daily cap)
  6. Downloading qualifying software.

Points cannot be combined by any means with other accounts, successors, or in any other way.

We award 10 points for each song you rate. The points are awarded the first time you rate a song. If you rate the same song later, your like/dislike will be recorded, but no additional points will be awarded.


We will soon add a feature that will allow you to earn Points for referring new users who register with RadioLoyalty™.

Can people from Europe join RadioLoyalty™?

Yes. RadioLoyalty™ is open to all countries except countries that prohibit such services.

Does RadioLoyalty™ support Linux?

For the moment we are not compatible with Linux.

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