Winfield Davis

Location: Bradenton, Florida, USA
Description: Bassist, Composer, Writer, Musician. The Music Is Smooth Fusion , Funky Fusion, Alternative Jazz, and Nu Jazz.
Biography: When he was ten years old, Winfield wanted so badly to make music that he built his own guitar. That determination and creativity drove the Bermuda born musician (who lived alternately in Ohio) to become a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, later performing with top acts in Bermuda’s thriving hotel nightclub culture. After moving to Florida Davis whose main instrument is bass actively partook of the Suncoast music scene, including performing with the popular dance band Ozone.  After a brief break, Davis amazingly released two original smooth “Nu” Jazz albums in one year.  The First album “Midnight Player” releast in August 2007 and the second “C Street” in February 2008. His third album “Bass And Beyond” was releast in November 2009 Most Impressive is Davis composing all the music, playing all the Instruments, recording and mastering all three albums, truly amazing. Now his fourth album “Ethereal Journey” will take you on a magical ride for the mind.  The future looks very bright for this gifted, and worldly artist.

For Immediate Release.  Bradenton FL.January 7th 2011

The Magic, The Mystery
The Music
Ethereal Journey the new CD by .  Winfield Davis

It’s Smooth, It’s Funky, It’s Fresh, it’s the new CD by Composer and Bassist, Winfield Davis.
This is his fourth solo album and he continues to raise the bar.
Fans and DJ’s alike are raving about it. As one fan put it “very relaxing and smooth, love to just chill and listen to his music”.
Another writes, “ I just love his music and it reminds me of Wayman Tisdale, just awesome”
One DJ had this to say, “ Please take a journey through the musical mind of Winfield Davis”
Tyce, host of “City sounds Radio smooth Therapy”

On this journey of “Smooth Fusion” Winfield reminds us that music is good for the mind, body and soul. From the opening anthem “The Passion of the Phoenix” to the last soulful, powerful title track “Ethereal Joureny”, your senses will come alive.
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It’s Smooth, It’s Funky, It’s Fresh, It’s the new album from Composer/Bassist Winfield Davis.
Available on ITunes and most digital music outlets.
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