Trang Woodson

Location: Sanleandro, CA, United States
Description: My music is infused by POP/R&B.I just can’t help but to write things that are more realistic and more personal.R&B music has is my therapy and my music would be an amazing gift to help some one heal.
Biography: Trang Woodson


Trang Woodson is a San Francisco/Oakland/Bay Area based performing songwriter and R & B – Pop artist.  Born in Sacramento, CA, Trang spent most of her early years honing her vocal skills and performing at local venues.  Trang knew she wanted to be a performer since childhood in Sacramento.  Being so removed, she learned of music only through television and radio, becoming a massive Madonna and Mary J. Blige fan.
In her late teens, she discovered female country artists like Shania Twain, whose music encouraged her to have a strong voice, but she continues to seek mainstream stardom.  Her love of music didn’t begin to develop until, at the early age of seven, she followed her parents’ introduction to their favorite hobby, Karaoke.  “I started performing and singing at small Karaoke parties held by my relatives and family friends,” says Trang, “but then I began to take music seriously after my friend heard me sing acapella and encouraged me to create a demo.  From there I started attending recording sessions and working with various Hip Hop and R & B artists, to expand and develop my career in music.”
Music would eventually become an outlet; a way for Trang to momentarily escape from life’s harsh realities.  Being the oldest of six siblings, Trang was responsible for caring for her family while her parents struggled to make ends meet but, as tragedy struck she received news that both of her parents were murdered in an attempted robbery.  Dropping everything in her life at that moment in order to care for her younger siblings she had to break from music to focus solely on becoming the legal guardian to keep her family together.
Now that her siblings are thriving, she has returned to her passion of creating and writing pop/R & B infused music.  She has instilled pieces of her life in her songs.  “I just can’t help but write things that are more realistic and more personal, not exaggerated and theatrical,” she says of her work.  “I don’t like to write things that don’t mean something to me,” states Trang.  “I wrote “I Gave You Everything” because there are women out there who have put their heart and soul into relationships only to have them crushed.  Once he cheats, that trust is gone and you can never have it back.” With “Good Love” the debut single, after you’ve played the field and dated enough people, you get to the point where you just want to find that one, that’s good love.”
To date, Trang has signed with production label Napo Entertainment in hopes of extending her career to new heights.  She is currently recording new tracks for recording deals.
In her own words, “music has become my therapy and has helped me to overcome enormous obstacles in my life.  If I can help people heal and make them happy through music, it would be an amazing gift and a dream come true for me…… Trang Woodson.”


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