Tracy Woody

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
Description: A singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Woody is set to burst onto the scene with the incendiary dance floor filler that is ‘Sweat Beat of Love.’ This powerful, emotional, vibrant four-track EP announces big things for her.
Biography: Tracy Woody is an aspiring Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter, member of BMI, and Project Coordinator in the interest of Soundtrack, Movie, TV Commercial, Pop, Disney, Dance, Adult Contemporary, Electronica, and Dance Techno style music genres and voiceover work. Her singing influence is her mother’s operaretic tone in which from a young age she inspired her love of music and singing. Singing is a joy to her, a blessing from God, and a privilege that she loves to share with others.In 1999 at an IMTA competition in California Tracy Woody won a few ribbons in Singing and in a TV Commercial category.  She also competed in a local competition where she won the #1 position and was offered studio time and a record deal.  She sings in religious meetings since she was 2 year old, and weddings and talent shows since she was around 11 years old.  She recently won the Platinum Auddy Trophy Awards for her songs and she is ecstatic. Singing is her spice of life that she loves to spread it’s message of love both near and far.



XMP International, LLC announces Tracy Woody A New star rising & 2011 UK Songwriting Winner 

Sometimes an artist comes along who makes everyone in the musical world sit
up and take notice. Tracy Woody could well be one of those artists.
A singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Woody is set to burst onto the scene
with the incendiary dance floor filler that is ‘Sweat Beat of Love.’ This
powerful, emotional, vibrant four-track EP is the announcement of an artist
who has big, big things ahead of her.


Beginning her musical journey performing religiously and for friends at
weddings over a decade ago, Woody has come a long way, yet still retained
that unique, fresh outlook on how to sing, how to perform.
‘Sweat Beat of Love’ marries the almost religious style that informed Woody’s
early musical education to electric dance floor beats and a hugely powerful pop vocal. It is a single that will wow dance floors as much as the home listener and will see Woody storm the charts in double quick time. Backed with the equally infectious ‘Your Love’ and two remixes, this EP is tight, life-enhancing and essential music.


Woody says her musical ambition is to inspire people. These songs are the
very definition of inspirational. They translate the music religiously into the universal language of the dance floor. They use electronic influences without distilling the beauty of what is a unique voice.


Woody’s music is falling upon many ears and the listener’s on Jango have so
many great things to say about Woody. It is obvious that when you hear
“Sweet Beat of Love” you find yourself moving to the groove and wanting to
sing along with lyrics that stick with you all day. Another hit by Woody called “Your Love” is filled with an all positive vibe, it is no wonder the fans of Woody keep on growing.

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Woody’s Sweet Beat of Love EP hit the No. 1 position on the Dance Chart and
Sweet Beat of Love and the Remix entered the Dance INDIE CASTLE TOP 20
SINGLES CHART at No. 3 and No. 2 consecutively and on in for
several weeks in August and some weeks in September, 2011 3 of the EP
singles were in the No. 1-3 positions.

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Voting started Oct. 1st for Woody has been selected to be voted in the Electronica and Pop categories with the judges voting on the Artist of the Year and Best Album of the Year in Hollywood’s All Indie Music Awards Red Carpet, Celebrities, and streamed online in HD for viewers all over the world event and for the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards Sweet Beat of Love EP and singles are being voted for Electronica, Dance, Pop, Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop, New Age, Love Songs, R&B, EP and singles categories.

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Woody has won the Platinum Auddy Trophy Awards for Your Love (New), Sweet
Beat of Love, and Sweet Beat of Love Remix, her New One I Love Me and You won Silver Auddy Trophy, and Honorable Mention on Your Love. Woody won Semi-finalist for Sweet Beat of Love Remix and for Your Love (New) and Sweet Beat of Love Commending Entry Certificates in the prestigious 2011 UK Songwriting Contest.

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Woody has already garnered praise far and wide – from her home in North
Carolina to as far flung lands as Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK, Central
African Republic, Canada, and throughout the USA, people have been drawn to her
music. She has been scooping awards and winning radio airplay time for some
time and Magazine coverage from Skope Magazine TV/Radio has featured
Woody’s Sweet Beat of Love Youtube Video and hit Song on their Radio
stations, Round Magazine directory listing, Music Now Magazine, and Songsalive! feature on their home page and magazine coverage has additionally added to the BUZZ.


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