Tina Pittman

Webpage: http://www.omenagency.com
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Description: From the moment, I opened my BIG mouth to sing I knew I wanted to accomplish BIG things. Im a southern girl that can handle large-scale contemporary ballads, Soul,dance,technopop, and gospel. “Can You Feel It” is my new single about BREAKUPS!!!
Biography: The phrase “total package” is perfectly illustrated by the beautiful persona of Ms. Tina
Pittman. Because of her dynamic range, Ms. Pittman is analogous to Whitney Houston,
Toni Braxton and Aretha Franklin. She is a modern day vocalist, reminiscent of our
parents’ time. Her angelic voice is only paralleled by her magnificent shape and exquisite
face. This outstanding image has been lent to a MARTA ad campaign that reached the 4
points of Atlanta. This priceless picture was hand painted over many years of experience
and dedication.
At a very young age, Tina attended the C&J True Holiness Church in Laurel MS, where
her love for God and singing were amplified. Her father recognized her gift and instilled
discipline and devotion to the music into Tina’s soul, ensuring that Tina and her siblings
left no room for vocal error. This discipline prepared Tina to captivate audiences during
her performances at the local level. Tina recalls that at the age of seventeen was when
she really began to recognize her gift. She exclaims, ” I was singing the song “Oh Lord”
at church and I was really into it, you know, because I feel things very deeply. So I got
ready to really attack the emotional part, and the third verse. I looked around and people
were crying. I was like WHOA!!! “.
Tina’s developed image was later discovered by Cash Money Records’ early independent
label, Femme Fatale. “I didn’t really fit in there. The group they threw me into did not
gel, so I respectfully declined”, Tina reflects. Since moving to Atlanta, she has worked
with the Omen Agency, BackDraft Beats, The HeatMizers, Grammy Award winning
producer, Tim Thomas, Daron Jones (formerly of 112 and The Enemy), world renowned
drum and bass trio, Evol Intent and more….
Tina turns it all the way up on her forthcoming CD “Walking Away”. The single, “Can
You Feel It”, produced by Proto_Cal of BackDraft Beats, is driven by a hybrid sound that
Tina has coined “techo-pop”. “Walking Away” illustrates Tina’s life story and struggles
along her path to her destiny. She assaults tracks from electronic music moguls like
Stanton Warriors, DJ Klever (Master Craft) and Treasure Fingers (“Cross the Dance
Floor”-Fool’s Gold). With appearances by Dem Franchise Boyz and Jon Geezy, this is
the perfect balance between the curbs and surburbs.
The name Pittman alone implies depth. Tina Pittman’s goal is to take you deep into the
music, a goal that she is committed to accomplish through creative song writing, original
choreography and style, and her persistent effort to move forward in her artistry. Tina
Pittman is the “total package”.

Walking Away the Album is a vivid, high energy and resoundingly hopeful Pop music compilation about dance, escapism, the human capacity to grow, and to overcome adversity. It is the story of Tina Pittman, an Big Dreaming American girl born into a life that even a sharecropper wouldn’t want.Tina leaves her loving family in Mississippi behind, moves to Atlanta, and sets out to make it as a singer/song writer in the Big City. With No luck, No money, and no work Tina eventually lands a job at ‘Wal Mart’ as a sales associate in the produce section.
“Walking Away” feels like a cross between Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield, mixed with Kanye West’s “Through The Wire.” Tina will Inspire you as she has inspired her co-workers, & everyone else she meets along her Walk through Life. “Walking Away” is for anyone that has ever taken a chance in order to achieve the Dream.

It’s hard to sing about love Today’s world but with a positive attitude, a killer Voice, and moves to match Tina proves that she will rise.
Life may sometimes have you down, but Tina proves that you are never out.With songs like “Can You Feel It”, “Leave U Alone”, & “BodySpray” Ft. Dem Franchize Boyz own Parlae Tina P will help you dance your way out of existence. “Walking Away” leads darkness, pain and powerlessness to light, with messages of self-love and determination.

Beneath her impassive expression is a watchful, curious young woman with an unshakable sense that other possibilities exist for her. Doesn’t everybody?  Walking Away is for anyone that has ever taken a chance in order to achieve the Dream.

Tina Pittman strikes back with a relationship anthem. “Can You Feel it is a reality based video starring Tina Pittman, Jon Jon aka Jon Geezy, Jizzal Man, Parlae, Kesan, Blake Boogie Banks, Jiggy Myers, Proto_Cal (BackDraft Beatz), and more…

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