Thia Jasmine

Thia Jasmine

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Description: Courage, Determination and Passion, discover Thia Jasmine’s World. R&B and Soul, Power Pop mixed with new and old school.
Biography: Who is Thia Jasmine?
She is a young artist who was born in Canada and grew up in the beautiful and diverse city of Montreal. Her mother introduced her at a very young age to the Haitian folk dance troupe named Mapou ginen. This troupe enabled her to develop a well grounded personality, a musical ear from singing traditional Haitian songs and a wonderful sense of rhythm.

Thia knew at a very young age that she would be part of the artistic world. In her teenage years, she began to develop a sense of herself and so, she and her friends began interpreting songs which were in vogue at that time such as: Deborah Cox, Azyet, Boys II Men and many others. People enjoyed coming around to hear them sing which lead them to form a group consisting of two girls and two guys. They performed at school events and special occasions. Encouraged by her friends, she then participated in many local contests. Thia has taken every opportunity to enhance her singing abilities, one of which was to become a back up singer for a reggae group by the name of Full Vibes. This gave her the opportunity to perform for a few months in the Sechelles Islands thanks to a friend of her’s who was an accomplished artist in her own right. This experience solidified her passion for music and gave her the confidence to move forward in the pursuit of a professional singing career.

Through her travels, she discovered Motown artists such as Stevie Wonder, Gladys Night, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, The Jackson Five and Smokey Robinson to name but a few, as well as Reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaac, Marcia Griffith and more. Her World Beat influences were Paul Simmons, Lady Smith Black Mambazzo and more. Thia Jasmine’s talent and presence have lead her to signing her first record deal in 2007 with the independent Record label Mich2050. Her first Single entitled ‘My World’ from her debut album Into My World… soon to be released, will surely carve a niche for her in the world of musical entertainment. Discover Thia Jasmine!


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