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Description: Funk / Soul / Pop / Jazz

Rik Mol

Rik Mol – Biography

Trumpet player, producer and band leader Rik Mol has it all – and more! Mol is only 25 years old; however, he already has a long musical life behind him. This ream began when he was eight years old and first came into contact with the trumpet. Ever since, Rik has played with top artists like Wynton Marsalis, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Steve Lukather and the Metropole Orchestra – just to mention a few.

Rik has won a wide variety of music awards. Some of these include the Berlin Yamaha Soloist Jazz Pop Award and The Princess Christina Concours.  More recently, he’s received the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Award, The Lion’s Club Award and the Province of Zeeland Culture Prize. (This is a culture award from his home province in the Netherlands.) Mol comments on his awards, “The recognition that this brings is nice. However, those prizes helped me open doors.” He continues, “As a musician you are taken more seriously and come in contact with interesting people, such as the drummer from Jamiroquai, Derrick McKenzie, who plays on my latest release Funk On Me.”

As one of Europe’s most talented trumpet players, Rik already has had success with his 2007 debut release, What’s On Tonight?! This musically diverse album was very well received, gleaning awards and airplay across the globe. However, in his latest project Funk On Me, the spotlight shines on Mol as one of the most versatile musicians in the Netherlands. With Funk On Me, He has added an exciting new chapter in his musical career. Mol describes Funk On Me as an album that he simply “had to make.”

Rik has evolved musically in the year 2010. Where his debut album contained a sultry jazz and grateful funk style, Funk On Me has a dose of pop added to funk and soul. “What can I say,” says Rik, “I love jazz, but I’m also from the TMF generation!” He continues, “My band members have very diverse musical backgrounds. This produces a stylistically varied project and this is rare.” These facts have ensured that Funk On Me was an album with a wide appeal from a broad audience. Where his debut album was strictly instrumental – Rik has added more contrast in Funk on Me with the addition of vocal tracks. As executive producer of the album, Mol asked for the help of the acclaimed British soul singer Nate James.  Mol explains, “Such cooperation is a real interaction. I’ve worked with him on his album, and he is also on mine. If we go on tour with the band later this year, he will also be there.”

Later in 2010, Mol plans a tour with his band. “I’ve discovered I’ve grown into the role of bandleader. To listen only to a trumpet player throughout the concert can be somewhat a task for the audience. Because Nate James is taking care of the vocals, there is a whole different dynamic on stage. One in which my role has changed. It’s not only about me but the whole band. However, I am the one who takes control, on the CD and also during the performances. My music is an extension of myself. It has to come out; my music is who I am.” Indeed, Rik Mol’s music continues to evolve, become more eclectic, and create a large following from a wide audience across the globe.  Rik has become much more than just a jazz trumpet player. In 2010 he is a producer, band leader, and composer of jazz, pop, soul and jazz.

by Edgar Kruize

Rik Mol

Rik Mol’s Recipe for Funk on Me

Fans feast on a superb blend of funk, pop, soul and jazz!

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS (05/20/10) At only twenty-five years of age, Rik is touted as one of Europe’s leading trumpet players. He has gleaned many awards for his music. Mol has also had the privilege of Trumpet player, producer and bandleader Rik Mol has been busy composing in his creative kitchen. As a “master chef of muse” this versatile artist has created another delicious musical dish! Rik’s latest release is Funk on Me. The album is a winning recipe as his fans feast on a superb blend of funk, pop, soul and jazz.performing with the likes of Basement Jaxx, Steve Lukather, and Candy Dulfer. However, Rik’s new recipe for Funk on Me is different from his previous releases. He has spiced up this album with generous helpings of pop, soul, funk and jazz in an exquisite and eclectic mix of genres.

Mol describes Funk on Me, “This album is unique because it has both vocal and instrumental tracks. Also, I’ve used real string and horn sections throughout.” As executive producer of the album, Mol gathered a team of renowned and talented musicians to perform the tracks. These include the Nate James on vocals -UK’s Best Soul Act of 2007. In addition, Jamiroquai’s Derrick McKenzie joins on drums and Keith Anderson on saxophone.

Funk on Me simmers with fourteen tasty and all-original tracks composed by Rik and his co-writers. “Spinnin’ Round” is reminiscent 70s R&B/Disco band Earth, Wind and Fire. Other tracks such as “Gin Tonic Night” bubble slowly with a mellow mix of horns, which display subtle hints of influence from American rock band Chicago. The title track, “Funk on Me,” has already been released in the Netherlands and is quickly becoming a highly successful single.

Overall, Funk on Me has a wide market appeal across generations. The retro feel on the album collides with a modern flare to give the compositions a rejuvenated feel. This new release shines a spotlight onto Rik as one of the most unique and dynamic musicians in the Netherlands. Rik is indeed a “master chef of muse” and Funk on Me is a most delicious feast of funk, pop, soul and jazz.


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