Richard Brown

Location: College Park, GA, USA
Description: Sizzling, scrappy, bold and daring! Richard Browns fresh flute is alive with energy. His smooth jazz sound is captivating. His free flute style is mesmerized and anchored by earthy tones. It’s dazzling!  When he’s done you’ll be left wanting more.


Brown started playing the flute in 1972. Other than a four year break
to serve his country in the United States army, he has repeatedly delighted
crowds everywhere for 22 years.

Rick’s dedication to Jazz and R&B, combined with a high
standard of excellence, has earned him acknowledgment and respect in
the music community.

Rick’s new project, Black Diamond, is the fifth band he has
put together, and promises to be the best. The high powered group of
musicians Rick has brought together can satisfy many venues: weddings,
R&B clubs, Dance clubs, Jazz clubs, private parties and ocean cruises.
These are among the idioms in which this band will easily play.

With his new band, Black Diamond, Rick shows his versatility by playing
Flute, Keyboards and Backup Vocals.

Whether or not you are a lover of jazz, the music of Richard Brown
will lead you down a path of pleasure and enjoyment in the most pure
and sensational ways. He is a flautist extraordinaire whose music can
quickly sweep listeners into a world where beauty still exists. If
flowers made sounds, then we would see his flute transform into a bouquet
of orchids which brings spring sunshine to all those around.The songs
on his CD fit any mood in the same way that most people enjoy the taste
of chocolate. Rather you are happy, sad, or even tired the grace of
his flute will take you to the next level.

This spectacular flautist produces songs that are energetic and several
that make you want to grab a glass of wine and escape into a forbidden
fantasy. His free flute style is unique, and it can best compared to
those visions of beauty that we only hope to enjoy in a late night
dream. Richard will create for you a world in which you freely enter
whenever you want with the flute music downloads.

There is an abundance of artists that we can listen
to on the web. But, for the musical connoisseur, Richard’s flute is
as tasty as a
ripe plum and you have to admit no other fruit is quite as sweet. Get
your jazz download today and hear the artistry of this remarkable flautist.
His new CD is just too smooth! Get his free download "It’s
A Boy"


BLUE CW LLC 5673 Norman Place
College Park, GA 30349
United States
Phone (888) 472-1730

  Contact: Richard Brown
Phone: (888)472-1730
9 A.M. EDT, June 10,2011
PARK, GA, JUNE 10, 2011: Sizzling, scrappy, bold and daring! Richard
browns fresh flute is alive with energy.
This flautist’s
smooth jazz CD is the most capturing I’ve heard in years. I sat there
listening to his free flute style and was mesmerized by the earthy tones.
The sound was dazzling and when the music was done it left me wanting more.
Richard Brown is truly a Jazz flute Master. If you like jazz don’t
miss it. If you like the flute you’ll love it.

For the last 15 years, flautist Richard Brown has been writing and recording
breathtaking melodies. Through many trials and errors as well as overcoming
the hiccups of being a musician, Richard Brown has emerged with a free
contemporary jazz flute download on his website;

Richard Brown
first started playing the flute in 1972. He has held consistent dedication
to his talent in the areas of Jazz and R&B. Over the years
Richard Brown put together several bands, most recently Black Diamond.
These bands offer musical talent for a variety of venues including weddings,
dance clubs, jazz clubs, private parties, ocean cruises and R&B clubs.
Together, the band has over 40 years of professional music experience
and a compilation of over 80 modern and classic songs.

On Richard Brown’s website you will find background information
on him, his music and his musical group as well as samples of his master
flautist ability. The musicians work is sold where ever digital downloads
can be found. His website contains free contemporary jazz flute downloads
from his most current album – Dreams. Richard Brown is a highly
talented musician who’s music makes the heart strings dance. Simply
hit play, close your eyes and relax while the sweet jazz and R&B
sounds play around you.

As a professional
flautist, Richard Brown knows that the music world is hard work. He
has dedicated his life goals to working from the ground
up and producing the best musical compilations. While it is not every
day you find a contemporary jazz flautist with such talent, Richard Brown
is certainly one-of-a-kind. With two CD’s already finished and
one already released, there is plenty of contemporary jazz flare to go

On Richard Brown’s
website, you can elect to go to his CD page and hear samples from all
the songs on his CD. Listening to just samples
of these pieces makes it is easy to see the talent that flows from this
jazz flautist. Whether you are looking to purchase a CD, plan for an
event or help promote Richard Brown, you will find the information that
is needed on his website.

Richard Brown truly is a one-of-a-kind talent in the contemporary jazz
music world. His talent for writing and producing music is unmatched.
With dedication to his craft, he is a must have talent for any radio
station, venue or event.

For more information
on contemporary jazz flautist Richard Brown, the URL to his information
website, samples of his work, the makeup of his
band – Black Diamond or to purchase music, contact Richard Brown
via email at or via phone at (888) 472-1730,
get his free download,"it’s A Boy!" @:

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