Phil Casagrande

Location: Yonkers, New York, united states
Description: Versatile keyboardist,writer and producer with a smooth sound very relaxing and laid back.
Biography:Versatile Keyboardist,Writer,Composer and Producer Phil Casagrande shows his talents in all genres. Whether its an original solo piano piece such as Forever Love to a pop music song Nadia’s Theme as well as a wonderful smooth jazz cover of Walk On. By his talents shine !! Working from his own studio he has also worked with such artist as Jessica Cleeves from P-funk,played keyboards and bass synth on the rap song Inspector Gadget. Atlantic Records recording writer in 1982 as well as Starlite Records where he did a number of songs which ranked high on the billboard charts. His statement is a simple one. Whether its related to pop music, jazz music, smooth jazz music or solo piano music his main goal is to touch people with the gift he has!!

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