Webpage: http://www.osarumusic.com
Location: Kernersville, NC,
Description: Smooth Jazz at it’s best featuring incredibly expressive saxophone phrases and jazzy guitar riffs blended in with head bobbing background percussive elements and thumping basslines.
Biography: Osaru is a multi-talented musician, composer and vocalist who lives and works in the heart of the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, USA. He also works full time as a Physician.His debut CD, Home is a work of art. It takes you on a journey through his early adult years to the present day. It celebrates life, love and long term commitment. Osaru uses powerful vocals filled with soulful melodies to complement punchy bass lines, hip hop chants, jazzy undertones and ‘head bobbing’ percussive rhythms. The result is his amazing musical story.

His second CD now available on iTunes and CD Baby is titled HOME WITH THE KEYS, an instrumental follow-up to his debut CD. It is smooth jazz at it’s best, blending sweet saxophone sounds and jazzy guitar riffs with melodic electric piano backgrounds.

Osaru started playing African percussion at the age of 8, church organ at 9 and toured with a covers band as a keyboardist in his teens. He plays the electric keyboards, piano, electric bass, the WX5 wind controller and the drums. He sings and plays all the instruments on both his albums. He also does all the tracking, overdubs, mixing and arrangement.

Osaru has lived and played music in Europe, Africa and North America. This explains the wide diversity in the range of music he composes and records in his home studio, the ‘O.R’ (operating room). Be it a classical piano solo or a funky infectious groove, he always seems to be in his element; creating memorable hooks and thought provoking melodies. His music influences include Stevie Wonder, Michael Mcdonald, George Benson, Kenny G, Boney James, Bob Marley, John Legend, Seal, Stanley Clarke and Alicia Keys to name a few.

His musical journey continues. He is presently working on his third album out later this year.


Osaru’s Melodic Menagerie of Muse

A Smooth Jazz Journey Leads to Home with the KeysWINSTON-SALEM, NC (01/18/2010) – Home with the Keys is Osaru’s latest release and a follow-up to Home; his successful debut CD released in 2008. Home with the Keys is a musical evolution for Osaru and the result of requests for instrumental versions of the tracks off of Home. In his latest project, Home with the Keys, Osaru creates a smooth jazz journey through the course of ten-tracks, unlocking a melodic menagerie of muse.

Home with the Keys exhibits Osaru’s songwriting ability and finesse on the keyboard. “The album summarizes my comfortable relationship with the keys. I feel ‘at home’ on the instrument,” says Osaru. The keyboard allows him to tap into the unbounded creative potential of each song. Like a master painter, Osaru’s keyboard is his easel while the sheet music is his canvas. He “paints” with a unique aural ambience. Within each track a new soundscape emerges, with an unsullied innovative style.

Home with the Keys contains all-original tracks that were all written, arranged and mixed by Osaru into a plethora of various styles that display influences from Kenny G and George Benson to Earl Klugh and Steve Cole.  The album opens with “Made up my Mind,” with its unique urban-based background vocals and hauntingly seductive sax. With a Baby Face styled backbeat, “Home” mesmerizes with subliminal and sublime riffs. Hints of R and B overlay jazzy melodic hooks in “Downtown” and “Last Night.” “Let’s Begin” cleverly flaunts Osaru’s talent in arrangement and composition with a vibrant mix or urban funk and jazz.

“I wanted to keep the listener guessing. There’s a story behind each song that I had to ensure was maximally expressed,” states Osaru. Indeed, with its blend of slow jams and mid-tempo cuts there is a song that fits every human emotion. Osaru’s jazz journey is a twisting and surprising one with unpredictable creative intersections on each avenue of style and leads directly to Home with the Keys.


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