Nikki Lerner

Location: Columbia, MD, United States
Description: Nikki’s soulful vocals are mixed together with a diverse blend of gospel, pop and R&B influences to create her own unique sound.
Biography: Nikki Lerner is a gifted singer, songwriter, and musician based in Columbia, MD. She has spent most of her time and energy learning and investing in all things music. A classically-trained singer, Nikki has shared the stage with a diverse group of very talented artists, including Avalon, Brian Doerkson, Michael English, and Ron Kenoly.

Nikki was a key member of the contemporary vocal group Unveiled, which toured the East Coast for several years. She is featured on the group’s three recordings as a singer/songwriter. As Unveiled’s season of music drew to a close, Nikki continued to have the desire to write, sing, and record. As she began working in the studio on a solo CD project, more opportunities began to present themselves.

Since 2006, Nikki has served as the Music Ministry Director at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD. Under the leadership of Dr. David Anderson, she has the honor of leading worship for a congregation of 2000+ people every weekend. Throughout the East Coast, Nikki has been invited to speak on issues of worship, vocal coaching, and team-building. Nikki continues to be ready for any opportunity to encourage people to find God through song.


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