Naisha Mendoza

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Description: New R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop female artist from Canada.
Biography: Naisha Mendoza Biography

Courage, Determination and Passion

Naisha Mendoza is a French-Canadian R&B, Hip-Hop singer-songwriter and poet from Montreal, Quebec. She was born in 1989 to immigrant parents (Haitian mother and Salvadorian father) and grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. Living in a music filled household, Naisha grew up with music as her ultimate passion.

The turning point of her career began in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she was largely exposed to music and arts. Naisha got the chance to develop her artistic abilities through school choirs; orchestras and school plays. She then developed her song writing skills when watching her aunt who’s also a singer compose melodies at home.

In 2007 Naisha saw herself honored for her poetry and won the Best Poetry Achievement Award for her poem entitled a foolish heart.  She is now a distinguished member of the Society of Poets as of 2008 in United States and in London, UK Noble House. Her dedication to music, her passion and her writing skills were quickly recognized by Mich2050’s members who, the same year, signed her first record deal ever. They began their collaboration with the realization of her first Single entitled You Make Me from her debut album Dreams Are Real… Soon to be released.

Including 11 hot R&B songs merged with HIP-HOP, SOUL and POP style this album is expected to be an extreme delight for your soul. With the initial goal to convey Courage, Determination and Passion, Naisha’s biggest wish is to conquer multiple people’s hearts in this the world of music.

Naisha Mendoza, yours to discover…


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