Moe “Better” Williams

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Description: Moe Forever is a Rocking Smooth Jazz/R&B album leaving fans speechless, housewives quivering, and even Hip Hop fans loving pure instrumental Jazz.
Biography: Moe “Better” Williams


Moe “Better” Williams is a born musician. Growing up on the Eastside of Oklahoma City, by the ripe age of 11, Moe picked up his first instrument; the drums.  He continued on by learning to play the clarinet, the bass, the guitar, and the keyboard; before finally mastering the saxophone. While he plays well all of the instruments in the sax family, he prefers the unique tones of the soprano sax.

After learning to play, Moe began playing in the church and soon after he moved on to play in his school’s band; but he had still not yet realized his full potential. Playing in church opened up many opportunities for him to explore his GOD given talents and he capitalized on every one of them. He listened to many of the greatest horn players like “Louis Armstrong”, “Charlie Parker” and the more recent “Kenny G” with dreams of one day leaving his own mark in musical history. He listened and he studied then, he practiced.

Soon, Moe began playing in clubs and events locally. He featured, playing with “D’rect Smooth Jazz”, “Motown Review Band”, “Icewater Band” and industry great “Dwayne Wiggins” of the group Tony! Toni! Tone! Currently, Moe plays at various venues in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas with his band, “The All-stars”. Although he enjoys this scene, he’s continuing to have this feeling that he’s destined for something greater.

At the beginning of 2009, he connected with an up and coming producer by the name of “Markkii Notes” to create a totally new and unique sound for his first project. That goal was easily achieved and they quickly began recording his debut album entitled “Moe Forever”. Moe Williams’ “Moe Forever” was first released to public ears on November 24, 2009.  With smooth rhythms, impeccable timing and flawless horn riffs; this newly created style is sure to catch and keep listeners. Moe “Better” Williams is here, changing the faces of Jazz and R&B!!



For more information, contact:

Lakesha Harrison

16 SE 33rd Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129



Oklahoma City Saxist Moe Williams is set to release his intriguing debut Smooth Jazz/R&B album “Moe Forever”, a definite fan pleaser.

Moe Williams is prepared to release his debut album to the retail outlets in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas February 14, 2010, making a huge mark on the world of Smooth Jazz/R&B. Creating a buzz on the internet, “Moe Forever” has been digitally distributed to various sites such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and Limewire for digital download per demand from his fans.

In the spring of 2008 Moe came into contact with another artist/singer/producer professionally known as Markkii Notes. Performing at the Oklahoma Jazz festival of 2008, in Oklahoma City; with the band “D’rect Smooth Jazz”; the two then decided to work together. 2009 marked the beginning of “Moe Forever”. With two creative minds and one vision they began.
Moe has built a following performing in various venues throughout Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Norman for the past 3 years. He has performed along side: “Icewater Band,” “Motown Review Band,” and industry great “Dwayne Wiggins” of the group Tony! Toni! Tone!, to name a few. His music reminds you of a new aged “Kenny G” mixed together with a bit of R&B flare.

“Moe Forever”, recorded at Cirius Entertainment Studios, is equipped with 10 tracks, 8 of which he releases soulful expressions that “speak to listeners.” Making heartfelt melodies alongside a high-energy guitar he creates an unforeseeable balance between Jazz, Rock and R&B. Moe Williams has put his love for music together to bring the 1st of many musical works to his audience.

“Moe Forever” hard copies will be launched soon and everyone is encouraged to visit to purchase music/ringtones and to get more acquainted with Moe Williams along with his sassy sax!

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