Marcus King featuring Josie Chua

Location: Glendora, California, U.S.
Description: “Throwback” is a mix of 70’s sound, smooth jazz, R&B, pop and a touch of hip hop.
Biography: Josie Chua was taught to sing and play the guitar at a very young age by her grandfather, who entered her in several singing contests which she won. Later, she began singing and teaching music in school and church with her mother and other family members in her native home of the Philippines. After moving to San Diego, CA in the late 1980’s, she became a nurse. She later met Marcus King of Indie label “Risin’ Star Entertainment” on a routine visit to the doctor in September 2004. After finding out they both had a love for music, they started collaborating on songs that Marcus had started writing (now a complete CD, “Throwback”, which is a mix of 70’s sound, smooth jazz, R&B, pop and a touch of hip hop).Marcus started playing the Bongo drums at the age of 9 on National Avenue in the alley of his inner city home in San Diego, CA. He found this way to entertain himself while he lived there with his mother, Barbara, and his sister, Rita. After moving to Oklahoma City, OK, where he was born, Marcus played drums in several garage bands. After high school, Marcus returned to San Diego and played in several top twenty bands in clubs throughout San Diego in the late 1980’s. Marcus, who is a self taught pianist and producer, then started sending songs to major labels. With the invention of new age technology, Marcus King is now available directly to you, the listeners, so check it out, it will touch you.


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Current Release from Marcus King

(Los Angeles County, California, November 2, 2009)

Six songs from the CD, Throwback, by Marcus King, were first debuted on myspace,, in December 2008.  The first single “Lose Kontrol” was introduced on internet radio station, Jango,, and was put into general rotation shortly after on July 15, 2009.  As of October 23, 2009, three more singles, “All Alone”, “b stil”, featuring Josie Chua, and “Best I Can Pt 1 & 2”, have also been put into general rotation.  Listener response has been very positive with more than 5,400 plays worldwide.

– cdbaby,, reviewed Throwback and gave it Four Stars.

– DJ Tyari from San Diego Radio Station 98.1 also reviewed Throwback and picked “Lose Kontrol” and “Done 4 U” as hits.

– “b stil”, featuring Josie Chua, has had more than 2,800 plays on myspace.

The full nine song CD is available on cdbaby’s website or by calling (800) 289-6923 ($10.00 for the CD).

Throwback was released on independent record label Risin’ Star Entertainment, created in December 2008, which also plans to release a solo CD of each artist in 2010 due to the positive response and exposure on internet radio stations, e-magazines and blogs.


Marcus King


5020 North Grand Avenue, #28

Covina, CA 91724

Cell Phone: 626-643-2753



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