Lymie Murray & Stephany Wallace

Location: Kingston, Jamaica, jamaica
Description: Impacting Minds with Positive Lyrics
Biography: Levitikal Music offers an inspirational fresh unique sound! There is really no other label with the blend of lyrics, rhythm and melodies in the reggae genre at present!  The songs produced by Levitikal Music are completely original, all boasting a creative flare.
The lead vocal and harmonies are incredible, with each voice complimenting the other very well. These songs will appeal to the present generation and beyond; since they combine positive inspirational lyrics, incredible voices and dynamic instrumentals.

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Deeply rooted in reggae, Levitikal Music demonstrates its musical versatility with some award winning and highly rated songs such as: Children of the Heroes, Sons of Beelzebub, Freedom, Senseless Suicide and Freedom Fighters tracks reminiscent of Marley.
A début album aptly titled “Reggae Hit Songs” will be release in the near future.
In the mean time, tracks of original works are posted to the following sites for your listing pleasure, ratings, purchase and comments. Please see listings below.
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Good Bye performed by Lymie Murray and Stephaney Wallace

This phenomenal debut single single from the album Reggae Hit Songs. Merges authentic Jamaican Reggae and rock rhythms that blends together to create a majestic ensemble. GoodBye it is one of the hit songs from the Reggae Hit Songs album.

Good Bye is collaboration of two mighty vocals that are climbing the musical ladder. Lymie Murray and Stephaney Wallace
They have blended their voices to create an incredible collaboration which will keep respective listeners pierced to every note. Good Bye is undoubtedly one of their better songs to date, with tremendous melodies providing passionate harmonies that punctuate the chorus “How can you say good bye when you have tear in your eyes……if your heart won’t lie”.

This award winning single is notable piece written by Lyricist Martello Melville for Levitikal Music Martello is dedicated to exploring all genres of music with adverse knowledge that will impact the lives and hearts of listeners who have heard his master pieces. With Good Bye Martello has depicted an essence of how hard it is for one to say good bye to a love one, knowing that the relationship could have been resolved or

Levitikal Music has strived on producing conscious, inspirational and thought provoking songs that are geared toward attracting listeners of all persuasion, culture, creed and ethnicity.


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