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Webpage: http://www.lrenee.net
Location: Detroit, MI, USA
Description: L’Renee Musique Inc was founded by Lori (L’Renee) Hollins a native of the origin motown soul music (Detroit, MI) and founder of “non-stop.non-pop” music.
Biography: L’Renee Musique (2007) formerly L’Renee Productions (2004) started as a dream of giving music fans a way to take home the live L’Renee experience. L’Renee Musique Inc. is affiliated with Melted Disc, CD/DVD duplication and distribution center and has two artists, L’Renee and Nathan R.The 100,000+ fan base grows everyday by way of live performances, The New 107.5 WGPR’s show “Real Talk” with segment “L’Renee’s List,” where she is the R&B/Soul hostess every other Sunday and internet sites including: L’Renee, BlackPlanet, facebook and MySpace. Listeners have streamed her music over 300,000 times via sites including amazon, emusic, livewiremobile, iLike, itunes, last.fm, rhapsody, soundclick, virb, other music sites and blog communities.

Every year since the debut of “Special Song” in 2006, L’Renee Musique has produced albums, sharing her performance and writing style with music lovers: 2nd Chances (2007) Merry Christmas (2008), live recording at the legendary Baker’s Keyboard & Lounge in Detroit, Jazz (2009) Europe (2009), and Nathan R’.s Grown-Up Conversations (2009).

L’Renee in different capacities, whether it’s been on a project or on a stage, has worked with several artists, including: 87, Monica Blaire, Gordon Chambers, Anthony David, Peter Hadar, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings, Neco Redd, Eric Roberson, Musiq Soulchild and Slum Village, just to name a few.

Some Past Performance Dates
Anthony David – Winter 2009, Charles. H Wright Museum of African American History
S.I.L.K. – Fall 2008, Kentucky State University
The Mary Jane Girls – Summer 2008, Hart Plaza
Lyfe Jennings – Spring 2008, Arturo’s Jazz Theatre & Restaurant
Anthony David, Anthony Hamilton – Summer 2008, Chene Park
Naughty by Nature, Slum Village – Winter 2008, The Fillmore (Detroit)
Musiq Soulchild – Winter 2007, Detroit Fine Arts Theatre
Conya Doss – Fall 2007, Detroit Princess Riverboat

Other Projects:
L’Renee stars as “Simone” in independent short film “When Two Worlds Collide” directed by Corey Swift
“Soul-di-ac” (Soul/Alternative/Funk) anticipated release October 2010

Press Reviews

Unique Styles Magazine “2nd Chances” review
L’Renee has brought Soul, Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop together with her album and the blend is beautiful. If I had to compare L’Renee’s voice and flavor I would say she’s a little bit of Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Jill Scott, and Chaka Khan all combined into a funky new vibe. My top pick from the album is the song “Red Dress” where L’Renee drives her voice over a funky mix of instruments. The interlude “12” definitely caught my attention, taking the classic PBS song from the old school show Electric Company to another level. “All I Need Is Time” is another favorite. The album holds 16 tracks with 13 tracks that I would consider highlights. Her recreation of Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” is filled with passion. “It’s OK” puts L’Renee’s vocal range on display, making it another top pick from the album. Along with L’Renee’s fantastic vocals, the production of this album is incredible with an excellent mixture of guitar, piano, brass and wind instruments, and percussions. L’Renee is definitely a special songstress and 2nd CHANCES brings her to front stage.


An independent project that sounds as robustly produced and mastered as a high-end, major label project? Nah; couldn’t be, that’s right up there with Loch Ness monster sightings. After all, not every artist can afford Herb Powers. But if 2nd Chances, the debut album of L’Renee, is any indication, the technology and craftsmanship on an indie project needn’t sound like a Casio creation. Thank the Lord! One of the penances you suffer for being an advocate of independent soul music is that you end up listening to a lot of unintentionally spare, under-produced music. It’s not every album, but just enough to stereotype the scene. As you listen to recordings that sound as though they were made in the bathroom, you try to tell yourself you don’t miss the technologically advanced sound quality of highly skilled mastering because, hey, at least it’s honest. In listening to the stellar 2nd Chances, audio quality may be an odd first thing to notice when the vocals are this pristine, the lyrics are this simple, and the live band/electronic music blend is this in the pocket. However, when it comes to a young artist who is making things happen largely on her own, you want to take your hat off to L’Renee for not skimping on the butter. You see, the rich musical goods here are delectable enough to eat.

A maverick Detroit-based artist, L’Renee has been blessed with an alto that breezily moves from sunny to sultry through this mostly solid 16 track set. L’Renee’s notable vocal prowess aside, I have to first acknowledge the debt 2nd Chances owes to Scott Summers at Audio Magic Studios for so beautifully mixing and mastering this project and hip-hop producer rENCEN at Thinkers Lab Music District for his stylish productions on more than half of 2nd Chances. Producers DDT, Sick Notes, J-Active, Tony Ozier and Mr. Wright each contribute alternately whimsical danceable and romantic tracks that are bold and sophisticated, but that never swallow the creaminess of L’Renee’s voice.

With their heavy compositional use of bracing electronic basslines, African percussions, and muscular bass guitar, the producer boys here make their presence strongly felt throughout 2nd Chances without ever elbowing their female star out of the frame.  This is undoubtedly due to the respect L’Renee earned on this project as its very capable arranger and superbly talented songstress, ensuring her place as equal partner among this band of brothers. If not for the strength of L’Renee’s supple vocals and the sinuous background arrangements, 2nd Chances could have easily been a producer-driven album, so dominant are its tracks. Listeners benefit from this tension with songs that occasionally feel epic in scope.

Whether on leads or backgrounds, L’Renee proves a natural, effortless singer. As represented on the title track, background harmonies are always executed with a feather touch. On up-tempo grooves like the jump-start opener, “It’s Ok,” L’Renee’s lead never strains for the tune’s many difficult notes. On fine ballads such as “With or Without Me”, L’Renee never mistakes breathiness for the desired airiness she’s skillfully honed. Throughout 2nd Chances, L’Renee proves a consummate artist with the deserved confidence of a veteran.

L’Renee’s vocal kinship ties are legion and none. On the closing of my personal fave, the throb and build “All I Need Is Time,” some may hear a bit of Blu Cantrell. Others may suggest a hint of Adriana Evans on peppy cuts like “I Love My Life”. There is definitely a bit of Sunshine Anderson on the elegiac “Simple” (only Anderson, sadly, never made a song quite this good). But there is such a caress in her voice, such an undeniable class to this young lady that one struggles to identify any single influence dominating her unique sound. With the glaring exception of an overwrought accapella cover of Carole King’s “Natural Woman”, L’Renee on 2nd Chances makes everything sound beautiful.

The lyrics on this finely made corset are simple and often hooky. The musical craftsmanship is generally so good, you don’t notice or even really care that L’Renee’s lyrical slip shows from time to time. The loose threads on this couture gown begin to unravel only when the track gets too long-winded and repetitive as on the house-tinged dance cut “Come On” or isn’t as complex as the producer believes as in the moody-meets-spacey “Do Whatever.” 2nd Chances works best when the song construction isn’t straining to be avant-garde and sticks to its many ready-to-wear melodies as in the gorgeously constructed “Faithful.”

Overall, 2nd Chances is an enviable album from a talented, young artist who was blessed enough to have the skills, talent and resources surrounding her to produce a highly recommendable project. In this freefalling music industry, L’Renee has landed in the kind of circumstances that would make any major label ingénue these days pure jade. As 2nd Chances is already over a year old, I can only hope L’Renee is ready to give all of us fans a 3rd Chance real soon.

-L. Michael Gipson

“4 Da Soul CD Review”
Dana Phillips
Reviews 2nd Chances by L’Renee

Independent artist L’Renee may not be a household name, but she is an artist that should be.  Reviewing this album was my first introduction to her, and it was a fantastic one.

The first track, “It’s OK”, immediately sets the album off right.  Incredibly catchy, it makes your head nod to the beat.  Infectious lyrics have you singing along by the second hook.  The album continues in the same fashion with numerous tracks that make it effortless to connect and sway to lyrics and beats.  She truly deserves recognition for great production that brings the album together and males every single track flow nicely.  Some particular favorites include “Do Whatever”, “All I Need is Time”, and “MyMind (wonders…)”.

“Do Whatever” is a slow sensual track.  The production includes simplistic lyrics for the hook and a slow bass beat which does a great job of setting a mood and creating a scene.  “All I Need is Time” is a track that universally connects women.  Lyrics include, “All I need is time/you can spend that on me baby”.  Gestures of thought – buying flowers for her after a long week, spending quality time – are what matters to her, and most women, rather than material goods.  Another track that is reminiscent of all women is “MyMind (wonders…)”.  The universal lyrics in this song connect women to her intense feelings towards a man. “All I can do is think of you…” In this song, not only are the lyrics relatable, but L’Renee does a great job of showcasing her vocals and reminding the listener of her tremendous talent.

One of my personal favorites on the album, “Simple”, not only involves L’Renee’s great vocals and lyrics, but a great beat and hook.  All of these melodious elements come together and draw you in. It has you “two-stepping”, bopping along, or swaying no matter where you are – whether sitting in your in your car, or standing in your kitchen.

She ends the album with a remake of Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman”.  She does a great job with this track.  She deserves a lot of credit for adding her flavor to it but still connecting to the original vibe.  She doesn’t add any overdone new music, but lets her voice carry the song, which includes some very beautiful harmonies.

With her independent album, 2nd Chances, she creates a mellow, smooth vibe that would make a great addition to any collection.  The album flows nicely and is perfect for anywhere – the car, your iPod, the house (especially for when you’re cleaning up), and if allowed –your job.  So grab a copy and enjoy!


Unsigned Artist of the Month
Vibin UK’s Premier Urban Website Magazine www.vibin.co.uk
She’s Jazz, she’s Soul, she’s R&B, she’s Hip-Hop, she’s Alternative-she’s L’Renee and she’s got a special song just for you. “Special Song” is the interpretation of the name L’Renee (pronounced el-reh-nay); and so appropriately named as her debut cd.

Growing up in Detroit, MI- in a musical household no less- it’s no surprise that L’Renee developed a passion for music. At the top of the steps, she’d listen to her father’s band practice and “jam,” while her mother would tell her to go to bed and her father would say, “Let her listen Sandy.” At the age of 6, she learned how to engage an audience during an elementary school production of “The Wiz.” She performed at various talent showcases in her pre-teen years, but it wasn’t until high school that her more formal training began.

At Renaissance High School, as an original member of the group named “A Chord”, she began honing her skills for hearing all vocal parts and writing. Her musical education continued at Kentucky State University where she also participated in the choir and in various talent shows-opening up for artists such as Destiny’s Child, 112, Jagged Edge and The Clipse. She’s also performed with artists Stephanie Mills, Tramaine Hawkins in the production “The Black Nativity”, ’87 (from Wasted Youth), Se’Von and many more.

In 2003, L’Renee decided it was time to give the world a special song and began writing, performing and recording her work. Influenced by artists including Sade, Take 6, Anita Baker, Musiq, The Clark Sisters, Beyonce, ’87, The Doobie Brothers, Lauryn Hill and many more- L’Renee has an eclectic sound and taste of music.

When L’Renee sings,there’s passion,there’s soul,there’s something that soothes–and makes you ‘wanna holla’ at the same time.She’s definitely something well…special.

“the loop”
by Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier

Detroit has a rich history for soul music. From Motown hits to obscure 45s pumped out throughout the decades by do-it-yourself independent labels, our city has had its fair share of great R&B music. Next in line to write a new chapter for our city is a young singer/song-writer named L’Renee with the release of her debut album Special Song. The salacious 15-track project goes beyond much of the modern-day watered down soul music. Inspired by her musician father, it’s evident with the funk, R&B and rock-inspired songs on Special Song that L’Renee isn’t just some chick who picked up the mic a year ago. One way to describe Special Song is that it feels like the soundtrack to those spring days when it first starts to get warm outside and you can leave the windows open to hear the birds chirp.

“My greatest lesson during the making of Special Song has been I can do anything that I set my mind to,” L’Renee said. “It’s amazing what desire, faith and a little love can do. I love what I do; I believe in myself and others; and all I do is think of makin’ heartfelt music. It’s a winning combination.” To celebrate the release of Special Song along with her birthday, L’Renee will be performing at ShangriLa (1440 Gratiot Ave., 2nd Floor) in Detroit on March 10. For more information go to: lrenee.net.  | RDW

Email Kelly via djkfresh@rensoul.com.

“L’Renee celebrates ‘2nd Chances’”

The Michigan Citizen
Detroit songstress L’Renee (pronounced el-reh-nay) premiered selections from her upcoming release 2nd Chances during a captivating performance at Prive on Jan. 19.

The Renaissance High School graduate has shared the stage with a number of R&B luminaries including Stephanie Mills, Tramaine Hawkins, Destiny’s Child, 112 and will open for Musiq Soulchild on Feb. 10 at Fine Arts Theatre in Detroit.

2nd Chances will mark the singer’s second solo effort when it is released on March 11. Learn more about L’Renee at http://www.lrenee.net

“One of Detroit’s hottest, new artist L’Renee gives the world a ‘Special Song'”

Tell Us Detroit

She’s been hailed as the next [female] Kem. On Friday, March 10, 2006, one of Detroit’s newest artists, L’Renee (el-reh-nay) captivated and excited over 300 at Shangri-La in Detroit. The occasion was the official release party for her debut cd, ‘Special Song’. This hot, new singer/songwriter took the audience on a journey of Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B and Soul; with a voice that calms the savage beast and with skill that raises your temperature off the thermometer. Many, who purchased cd’s previously grooved to their favorites, while others found a new groove. Performances included various Detroit hip-hop artists and the audience included those such as Dwele. With over a hundred units sold at the event alone, undoubtedly, she’s making her mark.

For those who missed out on this dynamic performer the first time around, there will be a ‘post’ release party held Friday April 28, 2006 in Detroit. Find out more about L’Renee at www.lreneeproductions.com.

“All In a Days Work”
Written by Lester Holmes

In addition to the great review we have for her L’Renee recently had a nice interview.

According to the online edition of the Merriman-Webster Dictionary: Work is described as an “activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something.”

To many of the fans, DJs and promoters who hear her music, work is described as L’Renee.

Since coming onto the music scene in 2006 with “Special Song” — the first album release from her independent label — L’Renee Productions, the 29-year-old singer, songwriter and self-described “busy bee” has become one of the most sought after artists in metro Detroit as she has performed with some the biggest names and groups in R&B/Neo-Soul music, including Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild, Eric Roberson, Jaguar Wright, Jagged Edge, Destiny Child as well as local stars Dwele, Slum Village and most recently the Monica Blaire Detroit Groove Gumbo during Detroit CityFest.

In addition to her success on stage, she is causing waves online at various Web-based music houses with close to 11,000 combined fans on MySpace, Facebook and Blackplanet and more than 190,000 online streams and plays of her music.

“It almost seemed like viral marketing with Blackplanet,” says L’Renee, who has a degree in Business Administration from Spring Arbor University.

“(Blackplanet) has been an excellent marketing tool. Facebook and MySpace have been excellent for spreading the word as well,” she says. “I am able to reach customers all over the world with my music with the ease of hitting enter! It is absolutely amazing to be able to steer my musical career through a lot of sweat, tears, passion for excellence, and the help of each of my fans.”

As tracks from her second album “Second Chances” continue to hit local airwaves — as well as MP3 players through out the 3-1-3 and beyond — the Chaka Khan, Bill Withers and Sade influenced alto is gaining more notoriety this summer as the featured performer at Melodic Wednesdays, the official Chene Park Wednesday Jazz Concert Series after-party at Club Intus where she will show off another dimension as she performs jazz grooves as well as some of her original music.

She also makes a weekly appearance on WGPR 107.5fm on Sunday nights.

Metromix recently had an opportunity to talk L’Renee about her experiences as a recording artists, stage performer and business woman who is looking to make a name for both herself and her hometown.

For the Brown Sugar fans who may read this article, when did you fall in love with hip-hop? (Laughs) But seriously, where does your love for music come from?
My father used to rehearse in our home basement with the top 40s’ bands that he participated in during the majority of my childhood. The tunes moved me and a natural love and appreciation for music was created and maintained through this infusion of family and music in and out of the household.

How do you describe your style of music?
My style is simply rhythm and blues. I combine nice grooves with the ups and downs of intimate relationships. My blues set to soulful rhythms are sprinkled with hints of jazz, gospel and alternative vocal riffs.

What is your favorite song from L’Renee?
I think that it would have to be the first song that I ever wrote titled “B-151.” It is a song that describes a relationship that started good and went wrong and eventually ended in reconciliation with a greater love as the result.

Let me get this straight, you have recorded three albums in the past year?  How is that possible?
One of the albums is an original compilation of songs that I wrote. The other two are my spins on popular jazz standards (“L’Renee Does Jazz and Europe” will be released in the fall) and Christmas music (“L’Renee for Christmas” will be released during the holidays). So this year that would make three. My friends call me a “worker bee” (laughs).

Do you want to be known for your work ethic as well as your music?
Most definitely. I want to be known for my work ethic and business ethics in addition to my music and how it affects the listeners.

Not only do you sing and perform, but you also on the radio. Describe your activities with WGPR 107.5 FM?
I am the host of a segment dedicated to bringing light to Detroit-based soul, R&B, and neo-soul artists. Each week on Sunday between the hours of 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (during the “Real Talk Show”) I will be selecting an artist to bring to the forefront for the L’Renee List.

What’s one thing you want Detroit to know about you?
I love this city and I wouldn’t change my birthplace for the world. I think that I have a lot to offer this world and I intend to do it through my music. I will make us proud.

For more information on L’Renee visit www.lrenee.net.

Those interested in being featured on the “L’Renee List” should submit their single to lreneebookings@yahoo.com or by mail to “The L’Renee List” L’Renee Musique Inc. P.O. Box 40193 Redford, MI 48240.

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