Location: Port of Spain, , Trinidad
Description: Kes music is a unique blend of soulful vocals and calypso-inspired melodies, over a fusion of rock riffs and island beats, hints of dance, soca and reggae, can best be described as Caribbean Pop. 


Biography: KES is one of the most sought after bands from the Caribbean. Fronted by lead singer Kees Dieffenthaller, their versatility, style and energetic performances have managed to win over audiences all over Canada, USA, UK and the Caribbean.  The band has released four albums and will release their fifth, STEREOTYPE in April. 

The band consists of three brothers Kees the lead singer, Hans the drummer and Jon the guitarist and a “brother from another mother” Riad Boochoon on bass. The four of them have been performing together since childhood on the cover band circuit and in 2005 came into their own with the band KES.  From then they have been working on their music and shows and have managed to tour all over including the UK, China, the USA and the Caribbean.




Kees Dieffenthaller began performing in the late 90’s, fronting a cover band that specialized in Billboard chart toppers and popular soca and reggae tracks.  Due to his vocal range, stage presence, looks and that uncanny ability to mimic popular artist, Kees quickly created a buzz and attracted a large and very loyal following.  On the crest of all this success and momentum, Kees exited the cover band circuit in 2005 and formed his own band, Kes The Band, with the dream to pursue great original music.  Members include his brothers Hans (drums), Jon (lead guitar) and best friend Riad Boochoon (bass).  Kees was now able to work with similarly focused members on creating original music that could have international appeal.

“Stereotype” is their 4th album release.  Their lead single off this album is “Let Me Know”.  It is a fun pop/dance song about a guy asking a girl to let him know if she wants him.  It had a absolutely delicious beat, great vocals and harmonies.  This alone creates excitement in the listener.  And that beat just keeps you moving, dancing and just having a delightful time.  This song is not only a favorite of the band and one of the first songs to be written for this new album, but it’s also my favorite.  It is very radio friendly, club friendly, catchy lyrics and memorable.  Listening to this specific song allows the listener to truly understand what Kes The Band is all about.  Using electronic techniques that just add flavor to the songs, along with that poppin’ beat that gets your heart pumping, keeps this group in the forefront to all other bands.

“Stereotype” will be released both digitally and physically in March, 2011.

Kes The Band has won awards locally for song writing and also have been nominated for the Independent Music Awards for the song “Stalker”.  They also received an honorary mention for a song called “Lion”.  Kees wrote with Desmond Child on Ace Youngs debut album (former American Idol contestant).

Kes The Band has recently opened for Maroon 5.  They have also shared the stage and opened for Sean Paul, John Legend, Rihanna and others.  They have performed in Toronto, China, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, UK and across the Caribbean.  In the next few months the band has over 40 shows in their hometown of Trinidad.  They will be in Toronto in March, Jamaica, UK and the United States of American over the next few months.

“Music is a constant journey and I believe over the years, experimenting and testing our limits with respect to the sound was essential.  The new album “Stereotype” is really a reflection of all our influences and shows that in music you are always learning and growing”.

Previous album releases are “Three Baldheads and a Dread”, “Lion” and “On in 5”.  Current and past albums are available for your listening pleasure or to purchase by logging onto the following websites: – Kes The Band (Search: Kes The Band)

Kes will be opening for Trey Songz at the Tobago Jazz Festival in April 2011.

Kes The Band is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities.  For additional information, please contact them at:


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