John Wilson

John Wilson

Location: Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Description: John Wilson International Artist is not only a Gospel artist, he has worked with such renowned artists as: Patti Labelle, Elton John, Hiroshima, Najee, The New York City Community Choir and Rev. James Cleveland.
Biography: The music of John Wilson can be described as a soulful spiritual journey.  While observing, one is moved by his mellow ballads and motivated by the high-powered up-tempo arrangements.  Demonstrating his versatility, John has worked with such artists as Elton John, Labelle, Vicki Sue Robinson, Sarah Dash, Hiroshima, The New York Community Choir, and the “King of Gospel” – the late Reverend James Cleveland.  He can be heard singing lead and background on two Savoy albums, “Come and Stroll Down Blessing Boulevard” and “If You Need A Blessing

John’s theater experience includes the leading role in “A Hot Summer Night” as well as numerous leads and singing roles in one of the longest running Off-Broadway plays “Mama I Want to Sing”.  He has appeared in Langston Hughes musical play “Tambourines To Glory”, “Gods Trombones” and James Baldwin’s “The Amen Corner”.

The next phase in Wilson’s career was the joint creation of Right Combination, a two part-singing duo. With this new vocal direction, which includes development of a five-piece band, his goal was to gain experience and exposure.  Right Combination released their single “Enough is Enough” toured Japan and has won several singing contests.

While continuing to use his song writing, arranging, acting, performing and producing skills, John has proven he has perseverance and persistence that is needed in the music industry.  He has completed three Gospel CD single projects “Praise Him”, Rock and Roll for Jesus”, and “This is the Place to Be”.  John’s debut CD “The Journey Continues” featuring ballads, contemporary and traditional gospel, like “He Will Not Change” is well received throughout the gospel community with requests for a new CD release. That time is now! His latest releases “In The Spirit Of Christmas” and “All Things Are Possible” featuring “Sweet Jesus”, “God Help Us All” and “I See You Going Up, penned by John are destined to become gospel classics.

“In The Spirit Of Christmas”, “All Things Are Possible” and “The Journey Continues” CD projects are right on time for the encouragement of all people.

John’s latest venture is the creations of Top Line Music and Arts Coalition Inc, (TMAC), where he takes on the roll of director and co-producer along with his wife Lila Wilson of “He Will Not Change”.  This non-profit organization has created a system that will provide aspiring artists with guidance and direction in perfecting their potential.  TMAC was founded on the idea that much more than talent was needed in order for individuals to be successful in pursuing a career in entertainment.  On that promise, TMAC will become a vehicle that will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in the entertainment world. You can find out more about TMAC, by logging on to

To contact TMAC: 914 – 668-4067/ Fax: 914-663-0299 or Email:


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John Wilson’s Songs of Hope, Peace & Change (4 Single CD Releases)

“He Will Not Change”,”God Help Us All” and “Change The World Within”,”I Will Trust You Lord”,
Are Here

Order your copy today at the information below.

Track #1 “HE WILL NOT CHANGE” delivers a powerful message that through all the changes and broken spirits due to the challenging times now affecting everyone and the circumstances in this day where many are so uncaring – the One who will never change, since the beginning of time, is the Lord.

Track #2 “GOD HELP US ALL” is a universal prayer for all people for peace on earth. In this age of terrorism, unrest and discussions of war, this CD takes on a more personal meaning for all of us.

Track #3 “Change The World Within”, is a up-tempo powerful message that will inspire you to stop looking at others to make this a better world. It challenges you to look at the man in the mirror when it’s time to make a difference and change this world.

Today, with the worst economic challenges facing the nation since the great depression John Wilson’s Track #4 “I Will Trust You Lord” delivers a song of encouragement and hope. The song captures a major theme in what people are feeling today in these hard times. Hold on, keep trusting in him and never give up, he will direct your path.

The promotion of these 4 songs in these historical times is timely and has a message for all people.

“THE JOURNEY CONTINUES” & “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” CD projects plus the 4 singles feature captivating, melodious ballads with high-powered up-tempo arrangements of Contemporary & Traditional gospel with the flavor and edgy crescendos of R&B and Hip-Hop.  These CD projects take you on a soulful spiritual journey of gospel music with message accenting diversified styling that attracts a multitude of audiences.

Contact Info.

Topline Productions

98 South Fulton Avenue Suite #203

Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10550

Contact # 914-668-4067, Fax- 914-663-0299


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