Joe Blessett

Joe Blessett

Location: Panama City, Florida, U.S.
Description: A mystical journey, of musical exploration through exotic melodies that mixes hip-hop and rock with hints of electro, jazz, classical and modern music.

New Acid Jazz Music Artist Joe B

New Acid Jazz Music Artist Joe Blessett Now on
The debut release of U
can Trust Me by composer and producer Joe Blessett

Aptly titled,  U can Trust Me creates dark, glistening and
beautiful sounds. Internationally influenced by music sounds of Fat
Beats (New York), Reckless (Chicago), Pure Groove (London), Hard Wax
(Berlin) and Mona Records (Tokyo) personalized new music across 12
genres – from Pop to Rock to Classical, Jazz and Electronic.
Synthesizers with haunting melody lines move and morph, defying gravity
as they glide through spectral passages. The mood in some cases are an
odd variation of slow to mid-tempo influenced by changes and pauses in
the rhythm.

Release in 2010
  I’m Sorry


To listen to U Can Trust Me  music tracks,
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