Jay Saint

Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/jaysaint15
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, Untied States
Biography: Hip beats, very catchy hooks, great verse and rhythms, absolutely a great singer, a skilled songwriter and a wonderful all around musician.  His music is perfection with the amazing ability to cross over from Pop/R&B to Hip-Hop and back.  Jay Saint reveals a sensitive side and sexy side of him with subtle messages and textures mixed in – all arranged perfectly to achieve maximum results.

Jay’s parents had the right idea.  They kept his mind focused on academics and athletics. Both students and faculty were amazed with Jay’s talent.  Jay’s talent was a reality to others, but it wasn’t to him.  Life growing up was challenging, both personally and financially.  He paid and paved his own way through college, receiving a full scholarship to play football for Elizabeth City State University.  Through all this he never stopped writing music, producing music or performing music. It was truly who he was.

Jay Saint’s lead single, “U.V.” (Ultraviolet), is off of his new debut CD, “High Treazon”.  This single is the culmination of going through mental, physical and musical challenges this past year.  Now morphed into a totally different individual, Jay is being noticed by everyone who crosses his path.  He’s sharing his glow and inspiration with that special someone stating that ‘whatever she needs, he can give it to her now’, making her Ultraviolet.  His hope is to share that glow with the world.  “U.V.” has an incredible beat, with a catchy hook unique vocal styling and all the potential to become a Hit Record.  All you’ll want to do is get up and Dance to this song.

This single is representative of the entire CD, conveying a swagger that only belongs to him.  He shows a consistency in style, performance and all around talent which is a mark of a true musician.

My first impression that I had when I heard “U.V.” was a similarity to Michael Jackson’s style of music.  It caught my attention and was able to hold that attention for a long time.  There aren’t many artists that can do that.  You can listen to one song and lose your attention quickly.  That beat and that rhythm and and his unique style all keeps you captivated right from the start.  His commercial style of Pop/R&B is what we need.  Jay Saint continues that trend where Michael Jackson left off.

Jay Saint’s CD, “High Treason” is estimated to be released around mid March, 2010.

He is scheduled to play at the CMJ Music Festival in New York City and the FMF (Florida Music Festival) along with a few college shows.

You can listen to his music by logging onto www.myspace.com/jaysaint15.

Jay Saint is currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca., for publishing, licensing and/or placement opportunities.

For additional information please contact A & R Select at:



*Artist of the Month- Jay Saint*

Posted by SinnTheProspect on 2/09/10 • Categorized as Music, The CUTS Special

Finally! An underground RnB artist that hits close to home. Jay Saint has been on point with everything this past year. Last night (Feb 08, 2009) he performed in NY for the “NewDimensionProject” and KILLED it (I missed out but word of mouth is a powerful thing!).  He also is a Jersey City resident whos passion for music is irrepressible and uncomparable. His album will be Debutting Feb. 22 and even I got a little piece of the action! Jay Saint will also be performing soon in Hollywood, California, and has been blessing the mic with his vocals for a while. His drive for success is accompanied by a solid persona and completed with a God-given talent for music. His solid fanbase wil not only vouch for his potential, but are willing to support him in his movement.

We at CUTS commemorate Jay Saint to be our February Artist of the Month because not only we do believe in him, but he is a force not to be reckoned with. His dedication in the studio, his confidence in this competitive industry, and his trust in his product are values that should be congratulated. We are proud to present Jay with the title of “Artist of the Month” because we too, are loyal fans of his music. Keep doing what your doing, and your destination will be reached. Just remember, life isn’t about the destination, its about the journey prior. So keep trecking, and you have our support.

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