Jared Jones

Webpage: http://www.jaredjonesonline.com
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Description: Jared Jones’ music has been called catchy, soulful, and sophisticated. Already featured on national television shows, Jared Jones preps upcoming album, and numerous performances.
Biography: “Jared is an exciting young songwriter and music publisher, who I feel has great potential. He has a commercial sensibility, great craftsmanship and consistency, and a realistic understanding of the industry. He’s an up and comer that people should be looking out for. He has all the qualities necessary to be a hitmaker.”

– Eric Beall (Vice President, A&R at Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc. & Author of “The Billboard Guide to Writing and Producing Songs that Sell: How to Create Hits in Today’s Music Industry”)

His music has been called, catchy, soothing, soulful, and sophisticated. With recent song placements on the CBS Soap Opera, “The Young and The Restless”, the NBC Soap, “Days of Our Lives”, and the hit FOX series, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, Singer/Songwriter Jared Jones is beginning to make serious moves in the music industry, and with his co-owned, Speak-EZ Music. At 23, he is writing and recording a new album, title to be announced, that he will pitch to labels and publishers to pick up.

Wanting each song to make a positive impact on the listeners life, the mid-tempo, guitar laden “You’re Not a Fool.” addresses the issue of domestic violence, and speaks to female listeners to encourage them to get out of harmful situations. “I don’t want to do meaningless music…there is already enough of that out there.”

Currently, Jones is continuing to focus on more television and film placements. He is also working with music producers from across the globe on new songs to pitch to major recording artists, as well as developing recording artists.

“God has blessed me with a gift, and I will not let it go to waste.”
———— Bio by: Natasha May—————-


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