Hunter Pecunia

Hunter Pecunia

Location: Lewisville, TX, USA
Description: 14 year old, singer, songwriter, actress, model, pop/r&b – has already performed for crowds as large as 50,000 !!
Biography: LISTEN to me on ITUNES

A marriage of Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson in a 14-year-old? Petite Hunter Pecunia packs a voice that according to Kidd Kraddick, KISS FM after watching Hunter sing said, “Who taught her that? Is her mom Ella Fitzgerald? Girls her age can’t do runs like that. Amazing. Are you sure she’s not 27?”

Besides headlining for Pepsi Kid Around, Grapevine Christmas Polar Express Festival, Hard Rock Café, Texas Motor Speedway, Universal City Walk, Relay for Life, Atheria with Willy Nelson and Jessica Simpson, Love For Kids, opened for Drew Seeley, Plano Balloon Festival, YBAA Performance Camp, Texas Winter Olympics, and the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Desperados, Texas Rangers and Anaheim Angels MLB, Texas Tornados and the OneHeart Bowl. Hunter has showcased in front of major industry professionals from Universal Records to Oxygen Network.

Hunter was the winner of the Septien Master Showcase because of her incredible ability to stop an audience with her top 40 radio vocals. At only 13 years old, she sounds like a mature seasoned singer in a compact instrument!

“Stop the contest. Game over. She’s a joy to watch!” Kidd Kraddick, KISS FM

“It’s hard to believe this HUGE voice is coming from this little girl. Definite star quality!!” Becky Oliver Fox 4 News

“Blew me away. The future of music just got a lot brighter.” Ralph Brasius, Rep for Cheyenne Kimball

“Right off the bat [she] took control. The whole package, looks, talent and watchibility!” Suzanne Horne, Horne Agency

“Hunter has a great ability to throw her voice around! Stage presence like a pro, confidence beyond her years!” Jamie Ramsey and Jay Roecker, Radio Disney

More? You bet! Hunter has other credits to her already near perfect career – lead in Barney & Friends for 4 seasons, and talent in national and regional commercials for Hasbro Furby, Wal-Mart Bratz Dolls,Topps Ring Pop, Twister, Toshiba, Cotton Patch Restaurants, Dennys, Radio Disney, Tostitos, and many more – and she really means many more!!!

“I have worked with over 3,600 singers and I have never seen more talent come from one 13 year old in my life. I hope I have the opportunity to help make her dreams come true Better yet? She has a support team of the greatest parents in the world. They believe in her and are behind her all the way from her talented musical mom to her light hearted dad. They are a pleasure in themselves!!” Linda Septien, CEO, SEG Records/Septien Entertainment Group


“He Said, She Said” by Hunter Pecunia now on iTunes !!

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