Gisele Anthony

Location: Williamston, sc, usa
Description: Smooth, Jazzy, R&B, Poetic, Inspirational, Melodic story boards in verse
Biography: Gisele Anthony is a vocalist,songwriter and storyteller; when you hear her sound….like a good musical hook-you can’t get it out of your head. She is a native New Yorker now residing in South Carolina. Gisele is scored in elements of Jazz, R&B, Pop, Gospel, World and Classical music to create the symphony of her music . She is a phenomenal vocal arranger, studio vocalist, and video conceptualist. Gisele has also worked in the genre of musical theater . Her voice has been called, soothing, hypnotic, smooth, fierce and ageless. Gisele’s music is eclectic, alluring, mysterious, “out of the box,” unsuspecting and purposeful. Her musical stories are soul searching. Her songs lead your body, mind and spirit on a journey of sound.

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