Location: Santa Monica, California, USA

gaspipe blows an awesome sound
author: Suzanne

Very fun and upbeat music. Love the drums and tribal theme of the first song were were. Great instrumentals and horns, its upbeat music that makes you happy.

Look out…He’s gonna’ Blow
author: jeff

This new album seems to have It all…a bit jazz, a touch of blues, the flavour of Africa and all very creative. A great new album that is well crafted. Love it!

rhythm is the thing–
author: Svetlana

I dig the complex weaving and attention to beat. Truly professional showing. From Tacoma to the Carri bean… and beyond. We need the original voice and lyrics like yours. Hey:… I saw you at the marina and hope that you’ll be ’round town again.

Look Out…He’s Gonna Blow!
author: Mark F Brooks

Great fun! Smart lyrics, polished band, and accomplished performance. Best sounds I’ve heard in a long, long time. Keep it up.

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