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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Description: Frank Anthony is an r & b/pop singer hailing from Toronto Canada with an album aided by Tyga, Scott Storch, The Underdogs, & many more!


Frank Anthony:Artist Biography
Who Is Frank Anthony?

Frank Anthony


It’s not every day that an independent up and coming Pop artist gets chart-topping songwriters and producers like Scott Storch (Justin Timberlake, Fat Joe, Beyoncé), Jason “Pooh Bear” Boyd (Kelly Rowland, 112), The Underdogs (Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown) ,Steven Russell (Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown), the Audibles (Lupe Fiasco), rappers Tyga, Kendrick Lamar, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys to collaborate with them on their debut album. But few come with the panache, raw musical talent, and a commitment of resources from label-management that belies Frank Anthony’s status as a new artist. A singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and dancer, a virtual multi-threat; the release of his debut album, Undeniable (FAM Productions/ASG Music), is what Frank has been preparing for all his life.

Frank Anthony


Undeniable, a collection of hit-driven Pop, R&B, dance, and Hip-Hop influenced songs, is thetype of album package that most new artists could only dream of creating. The album’s first single, “Rubbing Off on You,” featuring Cash Money/Young Money/Def Jam recording star Tyga, has generated more than two-million downloads, and has been featured on a string of mixtapes. The single is buzzing at radio and on the streets with its strong hook, melodic verses and driving instrumentation; elevated even more by Anthony’s signature smooth vocals, and Tyga’s defiant delivery.

Frank Anthony

“In My Bed” is already slated to be Undeniable’s second single. Produced and written by Anthony, Pooh Bear and the Audibles, the infectious Dance-Pop gem has all of the needed ingredients to become an international smash featuring 16 bars from west coast rap phenomenon & Dr. Dre protege Kendrick Lamar. Frank Anthony’s “Certified” is a Scott Storch club-banger, while the poignantly-produced anthem “Hero” (by Steven Russell) is tailor-made to be heard on the big screen.

In all, Undeniable contains more than a dozen songs with something for everyone and everywhere. Frank Anthony hails from Toronto, Canada. Born of Italian descent, he was raised in a predominately black neighborhood in the city. “I literally grew up on ‘90s Hip-Hop and R&B,” says Anthony. “That’s where my love for music and many of my musical influences come from. But my music tastes are very diverse from 50s Pop singers like Elvis and Little Anthony & Imperials, to today’s R&B singers like R. Kelly and Usher.

Then there was my Dad who played in a number of bands, while I was growing up. He really inspired me to get into music.” Frank plays guitar and piano and looks to incorporate those talents along with some dynamic choreography in his live shows. Instrumental to the Undeniable project is the album’s executive producer, and CEO of The Allen Sito Group/ASG Music, Dre Allen. The Las Vegas-based marketing expert and musician received a Grammy nomination in 2010 for his writing contributions on Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Leftfoot album.

Frank Anthony



“Frank’s mom and I met while working on a project via my marketing and consulting company in early 2011,” says Allen. “I pretty much had burned out on the music industry, but she told me about her son, and I immediately connected with Frank and his music. He definitely has the goods to make it as a global star. My goal was to have Frank record an album full of potential singles. So, I started making calls to link him up with some of the hottest producers and songwriters making music today.”

Even with the early stages of success surrounding him, remaining grounded is of great importance to Frank. He is a college graduate, who played semi-pro hockey in the Canadian minor league and continues to serve as a mentor in the Big Brother program.

“I’m speechless and humbled on how everything has come together so fast,” he says. “The stars are aligning. From Toronto, to recording in Las Vegas and now Hollywood, my life has literally changed overnight. Just a few months ago, I was working with mediocre producers in Canada, and now I’m collaborating with Scott Storch, Steven Russell, The Underdogs, and Pooh Bear, people who I grew up admiring; just to get the chance to write with them and see how they work is crazy. I feel like I’m living my dream.”


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Frankly, Frank’s Talent Is …Undeniable!
Frank Anthony’s debut album will be “Rubbing Off on You.”


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (10/03/11) – It’s not often that Hollywood shines its white-hot spotlight on a debut artist. When they do, everyone takes notice! This is what’s happening with Frank Anthony! Anthony is an R&B/Pop singer, songwriter and dancer originally from Toronto, Canada. In September, 2011, made him their featured artist. Frankly, Frank’s debut release makes it “Undeniable” that his talent has a huge potential.

Frank Anthony

Frank has numerous A-List producers, songwriters and performing artists standing behind him on Undeniable. Award-winning producers Scott Storch (Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé) and The Underdogz (Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown) worked closely with him in the studio. “This kid is something special, reminiscent of Jon B or like DeBarge … he’s soulful,” explains Storch. wrote, “Undoubtedly, Frank Anthony is here to stay.”

Amid the buzz swirling around Anthony, you will find his manager and the album’s executive producer, Dre Allen. Allen is no stranger to success as a singer/songwriter and record producer – as well as a 2010 Grammy nominee. Frank Anthony caught Dre’s eye and ears in such a way, that it pulled him back into the music industry. “I had burned out on the music industry, but immediately connected with Frank and his music. He has the goods to make it as a global star.”

Undeniable features a mix of pop, r&b and dance tracks that have a true hit-potential. Stylistically, the album crosses demographics and audiences with tracks that convey an addictive energy laden with hooks. The first song to drop was “Rubbing Off On You.” Featuring recording star, Tyga (Def Jam), the single has already generated over two-million downloads in the short time it has been released.

The second song slated for release is “I Don’t Deserve You (Yours).” The single was composed by Damon Thomas and Harvey Mason Jr. The duo was previously known as The Underdogz. Damon and Harvey have also produced number one hits for Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and Mario, Beyonce, just to name a few. The hit parade doesn’t end, however, more chartable songs wait in the cue for Frank Anthony! A perfect example is the power-ballad – “Sad Face.” The song was produced by Steven Russell (Chris Brown/Jordin Sparks “No Air”) and was co-written by none other than Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter!

Undeniable by Frank Anthony

Overall, the album dips into many genres, while respecting all of them. Anthony’s finely-honed skills as a songwriter collide perfectly with his suave vocals and layered harmonies. The spotlight has now been focused on Frank Anthony, and he is humbled by it … saying, “My life has changed overnight – and has taken me from Toronto to Hollywood.” Frank’s life has changed in the flash of a Hollywood reporter’s camera. His talent is Undeniable.  With hit-potential tracks, his debut album will be “Rubbing Off on You.”  



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