Derik Laron

Location: South Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
Description: An assembly of diverse and eclectic songs that will appeal to both the young and the young at heart. Crash Radio transcends the confines of any specific genre and soars to heights of timeless greatness, like Derik’s major influence, Michael Jackson.
Biography: Derik began recording demos at BMR studios in late 2008.  Musician/producer/recording engineer Franz Richards, impressed by Derik’s singing/writing talent, arranged for him to meet producer/musician Rick Williams (worked on projects for Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Gerald Levert, No Question, and more).  Derik was originally brought in as a potential writer for an artist’s project Rick was doing production for.  However, after spending some time brainstorming and collaborating, Derik felt his dream calling.  With Rick Williams on board to produce, Derik decided to record an album.  “Crash Radio” is the result. 

Derik’s major music influence is Michael Jackson.  “MJ’s music exists where I want my music to be, unburdened by genre categories,” says Derik.  “MJ is pop, rock, r&b… all in one.  With “Crash Radio” I wanted to go that route: pop, with a twist of hip-hop, r&b and rock.  It’s a great project!  Fun, with something for everyone!

The Crash Radio Movement

The Crash Radio concept came about as a result of how difficult it can be for an independent artist to break into commercial radio.  As an independent artist it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase, “if you’re not signed to a major label I can’t touch you,” when trying to get commercial airplay.  The phrase really fueled Derik’s desire to break through.  He decided that if radio wasn’t going to invite him to the party, then he was going to crash it!  And the Crash Radio Movement was born.

“It’s every musician’s dream to hear their music on the radio,” says Derik.  “I mean ‘crash’ in the sense of ‘crashing a party,’ and how I intend to crash radio is by making great music independently, and creating a buzz around it that cannot be denied.”

In addition to writing a song and titling his album “Crash Radio,” Derik LaRon wants to use his newly formed label, Crash Radio Records LLC, to support independent artists and help others like him find success in the music business.  It’s all about empowerment, sharing of resources, and uniting to become a strong force in the industry.  Join the Movement!


“Derik LaRon is about to smash the mainstream.  Influenced by artists such as the legendary Michael Jackson, the Philadelphia singer blends indie pop and dance rhythms with a piercing R&B vocal performance that touches the soul.  With a crossover like that, he is bound to ‘Crash Radio,’ as his debut album suggests. Throughout this genre-bending 13-track collection, LaRon crafts a beautiful assortment of timeless classics that possess a modern resonance and a pulse.  That is evident on club bangers such as ‘Make A Wish’ and ‘Dance With Me.’  Also, on ballads like ‘I Can’t’ and the romantic ‘Knight In Shining Armor,’ the singer proves he could be urban music’s next R. Kelly.  Simply put, ‘Crash Radio’ is easily one of the best R&B albums of 2011 and by the end of the year, LaRon will be the mainstream superstar he is destined to be.”

“Derik Laron can sing, although he uses AutoTune to compete with others in his genre, he’s not the type of artist that needs it because he can actually sing. Those who like Usher, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown would really like Derik’s new project, “Crash Radio”, which contains several potential Top 40 hits on it.

For example, “Change Their Mind” is a great song that has a lot of major commercial radio appeal. The music is brilliantly produced and the hook is very catchy; it reminds me of something Usher or Michael Jackson would do.

Another cool song is “Make A Wish”. On this one, Derik delivers a Trey Songz feel that really places him among some of today’s R&B elite. At times on the song you will forget you’re listening to an unsigned artist.

Other notable songs by Derik Laron include “Knight In Shining Armor”, “Magazine”, and “Never Change”. Either of these songs could be a break out hit on any urban or Top 40 radio station.

While he sounds a great deal like Ne-Yo vocally, Derik is a good artist who would be able to hold his own in today’s music market.”

Author: Senseitional, I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine

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