Derick Swinson

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Description: Groove soul singer out of las vegas. Doing music on his terms. Wanting to share his love (the music) with everyone. Stressing everyone to follow their dreams!
Biography: Derick was born in las vegas, Nevada.
He has been signed to A Train Records under an unnamed boy band project.
But He left group to attend college and study musical theatre. But his heart kept calling him back to music.
With brief stints as background singer and dancer for local hip hop artist.
And a choreographer and teacher for some dance studio here in vegas.
Hes decided to head back to music as a solo artist.
When asked has it been easy…..
He says nothing is neither easy nor hard.
It has been his journey.
He struggled.
He still does.
Hes been musically in bad situations.
But now free from any real contract with anyone.
He has refreshed his views and now makes music.
“Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you have to make music that isnt to please everyone standards but make it for yourself.
Without the goal of saying someone got to see.
Or it need to be a certain standard to please people,” says Derick.
With his own brand of soul.
He attempts to give his own brand of soul with his own personal message.
With his love of music.
He is taking the first steps on that journey.
Join Him!

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