Cutting Edge

CUTTING EDGE was born in Compton, California in the same studio that saw the birth of Dr. Dre, and World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Of course, this a very strange beginning for a rock band. But then, maybe, that explains the CUTTING EDGE sound.

Cutting Edge’s three albums scored well at college radio stations receiving heavy radio play, while also enjoying commercial success at radio stations in the U.S. and around the world. Songs by Cutting Edge that have charted at U.S. commercial radio include, “Love Police’ (#20), “Every Time I Try” (#6), “Without You” (#16), “It’s Time” (#41), and “Judas of D.C.” #31). At international commercial radio, other songs that have charted include all the above songs as well as “Body Talk”, “Venomous Love Affair”, “F – – – The IRS” and the classic hit that went #1 on several charts in the U.S. and Europe, but no one remembers, is “D.C. Shuffle”, the band’s very first hit single. And the things that stands out the most about Cutting Edge is all the dance remixes they have done of the various songs, with several dance mixes also charting in the U.S. and International market, including “Love Police” (2 different mixes charted in the U.S.), “Every Time I Try”, “Body Talk” and others.

Various reviewers have called the band very original and others say the band is one of the best band’s in the world of indie music. For reviews of the bands songs and concert performance, go to the band’s website at or their record company site at You can hear more music by Cutting Edge at or watch their videos at

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