Cilla K.


Location: New York, NY, USA
Description: Cilla K’s music is a mix of jazz elements,Alternative and Hip Hop musics with a Soul background.
Biography: Straight from the tropical shores of Guadeloupe comes a voice unlike any other. Meet Cilla K., singer/songwriter/soul artiste. She spent time in Paris singing in bands and making ends meet as a model, then moved to NYC after being accepted at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College. On a chance meeting she ran into David Pattillo, a producer/writer in NYC, and a great collaboration was born. The two have been working together over the past year and have since brought on board such collaborators as Junius Bervine (Floetry, D’Angelo, Common,N.E.R.D), Clay Sears (Jill Scott, Vivian Green), Danny P (Joss Stone, Robbie Williams), and Mr. Khaliyl (Bush Babees, Talib Kweli).  Cilla brings an fresh sexy intelligence to the urban scene. Stay tuned for shows and appearances in the U.S. and abroad, and completion of her forthcoming LP, Connected.

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