Location: Fayetteville, NC, USA
Description: This album is a beautiful and unique blend of soul, r&b, urban, funk, jazz and inspirational gospel music that will remind you of the motown days, with today’s new flavor and swagger!
Biography: BATAYAH is a Hebrew name, which means Daughter of Yahweh and BATAYAH like her name, is very unique. Her soulful songs truly express her gift and anointing as a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. BATAYAH began singing at the tender age of 4 years old, in her home church choir and she has been singing every since. She has sang every genre of music from rock and roll, country, folk and classical in school choirs and musical plays, to r&b, funk, neo-soul, jazz and her roots, which is gospel, in groups, church choirs, quartets and as a soloist.

BATAYAH has received several music nominations for awards: She was nominated for two (2) music awards from the South Florida Gospel Music Awards taking place in November 2011, one (1) music award from the Hollywood Music In Media Awards also taking place in November 2011 and four (4) music awards from the Rhythm of Gospel Awards taking place in July 2012.

BATAYAH has also written a variety of songs where she displays her talent and ability to write and arrange songs in her previous self titled project “BATAYAH – Daughter of Yahweh” and in her new project entitled “Simply BATAYAH”. The songs will remind you of yesterday’s motown style only with an added flavor of today’s r&b, urban and neo soul gospel funk and swagger.

BATAYAH was born to a family of 5, with determined and hardworking parents, who struggled to put all of their children through Private School, so that all of them (BATAYAH and her siblings), would know how to lean on the Heavenly Father through all situations with prayer, his word within the Holy Bible and his songs of praise and thanksgiving.

After graduating from High-school, BATAYAH went on to college and received two degrees a Bachelor of Science (BS) and an MBA. She also served as an Officer in the US Armed Forces and became a worldwide praise and worship leader, while serving her country. BATAYAH is married with a son and is truly humbled and thankful for her family and for her anointed gift because she knows who she is, and what she was put here to do.

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