Description: VERY SEXY LOVE SOUND!!!!!!!!!
Biography: HELLO—-My name is J.T. JOHNSON/CEO of J.T. PRODUCTIONS/RECORDS,LLC—-My stage name is BA’BRO–I got this name from HOMER BANKS –MY MENTOR —I learn a lot from him. HOMER BANKS was one of STAX GREATEST WRITER. I was born in MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, where I attended East High School and became interested in music at an early age. I was influenced by artists of the eighties. Shortly thereafter, I decided to pursue my own musical career. Spending nights in small preproduction studios, I began to pay my dues. Determined to record an album, I made many Sacrifices. This is my first album and I hope you will find it as enjoyable to listen to as I have enjoyed recording it. My intent with this CD is to try and reach music LOVERS everywhere.——THANKS AND ENJOY,—BA’BRO.

Memphis, Tn.  The name of the artist is Ba’Bro with legendary director, Ben Cauley, the only survivor of the Ottis Redding band.  With the talent of Ba’Bro and the direction of Ben, there is absolutely nothing stopping this one from hitting the roof!

Ba’Bro’s new single, “Player’s Life”, is off of his new CD, “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”.  The lead single is describing the difference between romeos and players.  You can hear that fusion between the old R & B and the today’s style, so perfectly blended.  You hear it with every song he sings.  But then there’s this splash of pure soul which is awesome! 

“Working with Stax//Concord Record label for example:: Homer Banks, Lester Snell, Ben Cauley, Robert Jackson, J. Blackfoot and Queen Ann Hines of the Soul Children, Phillis Duncan of the Duncan Sisters, David Sanders and more.”

The vocals, the harmony and that revised R & B Sound is very exciting for me to hear.  It is absolutely time to return to the basics and Ba’Bro found the way very easily – smooth listening, cool vocals, great catchy tunes – all wrapped up into one glorious package. 

This new CD has just hit the internet and has been released in its physical format just this week!

“Thank you, God, for the vision and for sending the people that help my dream come true…also my real name is J.T. Johnson, the CEO of J.T. Productions/Records, LLC”. 

For more information on Ba’Bro, please contact his PR firm:

Joe Conte
A & R Select
West Hollywood, Ca.

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