Archie Bell

Location: Houston, TX, USA
Description: The music of Archie Bell is Known worldwide…from tightenup…to Philly International …and back to Texas…a trail of soul! 
Biography: Archie Bell is an international figure his music and face is known all over the world. This stella entertainer started many years ago at Houston, TX Phillis Wheatley High school. Starting the group that would, a couple of years later have a million selling song on the charts. Singing, and winning I might add, so many of those highschool talent shows…many oldtimers still talk about the group.

Archie, was born in Henderson, Tx, the date is not important. He came to Houston with his parents and siblings. Loving to sing all of his life, he eventually started a group called the Drells…there are several stories as to how the name came about. According to those who were there, like his first guitarist Clennis High, these boys were known for singing like birds and dancing like demons…everyone new about the drells.

Tightenup sold over a million records, and so many many other great songs were recorded by Mr. Bell with the Drells and after the group resolved. The fellows have stayed intouch and still are friends. Archie is still touring all over, and still “stepping”…Most recently he has partnered with some of his old conrades and come up with a brand new CD scheduled to be released early next year. One tune from the CD caught the ear of people…”I’m Still Waiting”. While rehearsing the song Archie’s old guitarist Clennis High played bass, while his old bassman, Dobie Malone, played guitar…bingo…there it was a completely new different sound. So, if this sounds more like a top-40 cut than what Archie normally does….that is why.

And so….back in Texas…back in the old studio with his boyhood “homies”…for Archie Bell the story goes on and the music continues…. 

The great soul and R&B singer Archie Bell is releasing a new single from his up coming Album, entitled “Archie is Back”. The complete Album is to be released first of 2012. The single is called, “I’m still waiting”…it is a whole new sound and a side of Archie rarely heard…the music continues! 

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