Acklee Davis

Location: Atlanta, GA, US
Description: Acklee is soulful and energetic, like a young Stevie Wonder mixed with a cool twist of Justin Timberlake. Acklee keeps you connected to the message by singing with conviction and emotion.

Acklee is a native of Jacksonville, FL. The largest city in the USA in terms of land sq ft. The city is developing as we speak. I translate this analogy to Acklee. He is developing and growing as an emerging artist.

Acklee is connecting with fans domestically and internationally from Tokyo, Germany, England, Zimbabwe, and Canada. Acklee was voted Best Song of the Day on Garageband and BeatPros. Also Acklee was recently ranked as high as 120 out 61,000 songs on Soundclick’s R&B charts. Acklee has also received praise and encouragement from Gospo Centric scouts and a former American Idol judge.

Acklee currently resides in ATL, GA. where is working on dual singles “Check my Heart” and “Make it Work”. His motto is “He that risks nothing becomes nothing.”


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