Abby Cubey



Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Abby has releases on iTunes, CDBABY and many other download sites with official videos posted and on the way. “It’s better if you don’t understand; just listen and have a good time.” That’s the response Abby Cubey will give you with a smile when asked to describe her sound and music. She would much rather sing, perform, and write her songs than talk about them, but that is becoming more and more unavoidable these days.

It might seem that Cubey appeared out of nowhere, co-writing, producing and performing on House of Blues “Believe In Me” followed by Dame Mas Electricidad produced Paul Drago and chart-climbing “Somebody Turn The Electric On”, but she makes one thing clear: “It’s not an overnight success”.

Cubey is a multitalented singer, songwriter, producer and musician who feels most at home when she’s performing. Born on December 14 1986 and to love and live with music. Mother was a politician back when I was 11 and was asked to be on the stage. ” I remember singing an Celine Dion song and that was it. Ever since that moment, I’ve been addicted.”

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