Wes Southall and Mondel Powell

Wes Southall and Mondel Powell

Wes Southall (Husband, son, father and friend).

Wes grew up in inner city Philadelphia and always looked to improve his and others situations. Wes attributes any success in his life to his mother Mattie Southall (she has made him what he is). Wes enjoyed gymnastics as a youth and encourage others to get involved. Wes achieved relative success personally during his active years in gymnastics.

Wes is presently employed by United Parcel Service and serves as a package division manager in the Michigan district. He has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of functions over his thirty years of employment. Wes is extremely grateful for the training and experiences that he has enjoyed at UPS.

Mondel “Del” Powell (Father of 2, Daughter Vaughn, 18, and Son Isiah 12).

Attended Philadelphia public schools and graduated from Northeast High school. He holds a Bachelors degree from Temple University. Mondel worked for United Parcel Service for 22 years before leaving to take an Executive Vice President position with Welfare, a partnership in the D.C. area. (Non profit in D.C.).  Later he left the partnership to concentrate on real estate investment in Philadelphia. Mondel presently resides in the Maryland area where he owns and operates a restaurant / music venue named Teavolve

Wes and Mondel attended Jr. High, high school, and Temple University together: both are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity incorporated. Currently, Wes is involved with the Big Brothers of Kalamazoo and Project Cool in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Project Cool is designed to secure employment for minority youth in high school during their summer.

Although, completely absent of any musical inclinations or ability Wes enjoyed many summer days listening to the styling’s of Wardell Potts and Rubin Edwards in their early years. Wes helped to organize the Gerald Veasley Band at Teavolve Café in Baltimore Md. on Feb 20th. Wes is the brother in law and a big fan of Gerald. Wes and Mondel have been friends since JFK was president…

Wes often says “I’ve never had a bad day” or “I’m living the dream” when asked how he is doing. The reason for that is that he truly believes that he is and has been blessed with great people in his life. Wes will tell anyone: the best thing he has ever done in life was to marrying his wife “Carol. “ Wes currently resides in western Michigan with his wife Carol, two beautiful children, Trey and Nia and a wonderful nephew, Dimitri.

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