Curtis Harmon_Bennie Sims (New Foundation)

Drummer Curtis Harmon and bassist Bennie Sims first met in 1992 when Bennie and keyboardist Cliff Starkey were asked to join the internationally known smooth jazz group “Pieces Of A Dream”.

From the first note it was kismet.  Bennie reciprocated by asking Curtis to join his group, the well known Reading, PA band “The Groove Masters” which specializes in Funk, R&B & Smooth Jazz.  Both musicians recognized that there was something special happening here that deserved expanded avenues of exploration.

Quickly thereafter, Harmon & Sims developed a style of playing that would later become a signature in their song writing projects as well.  A way of distinctly pushing the edges of the smooth jazz genre into powerful and aggressive directions.  They’ve been playing and writing together ever since, now nearly eighteen
years.  You can hear some of their work on later “Pieces Of A Dream” cds.

After being fundamental members in the formation of a number of groups with other musicians over the years, “New Foundation” was formed to showcase the vision and talent that Harmon and Sims have honed over these many years of collaboration.

“New Foundation” is all the passion and skills that got Harmon and Sims to the pinnacle of this profession, set on a stellar new stage.

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