D.A. Williams – Interview

D.A. grew  up in Chestnut Hill, PA., a suburb of Philadelphia. He is the youngest son of pioneer radio personality, Kae Wiliams Sr.  He was instrumental in the careers of legendary artist such as Solomon Burke, B.B. King, Doo-wop group – The Silhouettes, and Yvonne Baker and the Sensations.  His brother, Kae Jr. was the keyboardist/writer and producer of the group Breakwater.

The influences of these and other musical greats, impressed upon him that music truly is the universal language that enables us to transcend any challenges that we face as the human family.

D.A. launched a 24hr internet radio station (WDKK RADIO) committed to preserving the musical legacies of the past era and promoting indie artist.

Full CirKle Media Group is committed to keeping the music of a generation alive as well as promoting the creativity of the new musical artist who are writing the next chapter in broadcast and music history.


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