Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson of RC3DJS talks about Digital Media Cards.

CD’s vs Digital media cards – WHICH IS BETTER?

First promoters of music carried around cassette tapes for music directors & DJ’s to listen to their music. Following that, they were walking into the stations with 12″ Singles & LP’s. When vinyl faded it made way for the CD/DVD revolution! Being a Dj for over twenty-five years and still spinning I have wittnessed this change first hand and sought to be in front of the next movement.

The “changing of the guard” is happening once again! Plastic “digital download” Media Cards are the way of the Multi-Media Industry! You can program the cards with music, movies, sermons, software, eBooks, audio books, print, secure and executable files. When is the last time you saw someone with a CD player and a bag full of cd’s??? They buy a cd, take it home and upload the music for their MP3 players. People of all ages now have some form of MP3 player or a phone capable of playing multi-media applications.

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