The Sylvers (Foster, Angie and Pat)

During 1972 the act was joined by brothers Edmund and Ricky. The sextet changed their name from the Little Angels to the Sylvers and released three albums on the MGM/Pride label, titled simply “The Sylvers,” “The Sylvers 2,” and “The Sylvers 3.” Released between 1972 and 1974, these LPs were composed of solid soulful numbers written by Leon and produced by R&B legends Jerry Butler (of the Impressions) and Keg Johnson. Four singles from these self-titled albums were popular enough to be recorded on the Billboard R&B charts, starting a sequence of successes for the siblings.

“Fool’s Paradise” was a thought-provoking song that reached number 14 in the autumn of 1972. The single featured Charmaine, Edmund, and Ricky as lead singers, backed by the sumptuous harmonies of Olympia, Leon, and James. “Wish That I Could Talk To You” (# 10) was the next single and during early 1973 became the siblings’ first top 10 song. The track, featuring Leon and Ricky on lead, is considered a classic by old-school R&B fans. “Stay Away From Me” (# 33) and “Through the Love In My Heart” (# 50) followed; and album tracks such as “I’ll Never Be Ashamed” and “Cry of a Dreamer” received significant airplay at R&B radio outlets.

In early 1973 Leon wrote a very successful song for little brother Foster. “Misdemeanor,” which featured the younger sisters Angie and Pat, received saturation radio airplay and reached # 7 on the Billboard charts that summer.

In 1975 Foster, Angie, and Pat joined their older brothers and sisters and signed an exclusive contract with Capitol Records. Now nine members strong, the label teamed the family with legendary R&B producer Freddie Perren (the Jackson 5). The marriage paid off immediately. Perren, along with co-writer Keni St. Lewis, produced the two-million seller “Boogie Fever” (a #1 smash on both the R&B and Billboard Hot 100 charts). The song remains a classic in discos and jukeboxes to this day. The B-side of the single, the funky “Free Style” (featuring Charmaine and Angie on lead), received about as much airplay on R&B radio as “Boogie Fever.”

Today Foster, Angie and Pat are continuing their musical careers though spreading the message of the grace of God. Their experience as world renowned artist and their personal challenges and triumps are clearly heard as they lift praise to God and extend his message to world.

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