Steve Arrington

Steve Arrington has been away from the game for a while, but he knew that eventually he would come back and do something unique…the next step.

Known for his innovative vocal style, which can be heard on such classics as “Watching You,” “Just A Touch of Love,” “Snap Shot,” and “Wait for Me,” all with Slave; “Weak at the Knees,” (which was sampled by Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, NWA, and more) and “Nobody Can Be You, But You,” the powerful message track, from his S.A. Hall of Fame days; plus, “Way Out,” the vocal extravaganza…”where you never been before”, “Feel So Real,” and “Dancin In The Key Of Life,” heavy dance music and finally, “Stone Love,” the smooth ballad, all from his solo work; show the wide versatility in his game.

Like all true artists, Steve never does the same thing over and over. He must keep changing and growing.  Now, with a fresh perspective and new direction that speaks to the social climate of our time, Steve is re-emerging with exciting new music to begin the next chapter of a wonderfully innovative career.

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