Ohio Funk Tribute to Mark Adams

Mark Adams

Mark Adams, an original member of one of the hottest funk bands of the ’70s and ’80s, Slave, passed away Saturday and the cause of death has not been revealed.

The group was formed in Dayton, Ohio, by Steve Washington in 1975, and their popularity spanned nearly a decade.

The large-member band consisted of Adams, Floyd Miller, Tom Lockett, Jr., Charlie Bradley, Tim Dozier, Mark Hicks, Danny Webster and Orion Wilhoite. Vocalists Steve Arrington and Starleana Young, along with Raye Turner and Curt Jones, joined the group’s ranks later in 1978.

The mega group’s first off-the-charts hit was ‘Slide,’ which put the group on the map in 1977. Slave’s successful sound relied heavily on bass with an emphasis on the rhythm section, which was then complemented by soaring vocals.

In this WDKK episode, D.A. Williams is joined by Steve Arrington (Slave), Reggie Callaway (Midnight Star, The Callaways) and Mark Wood (Lakeside) along with his co-host Wardell Potts Jr. (Dynasty) to talk about the contribution of Mark Adams and the legacy he left.

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