Marilyn Alice

Marilyn Alice are an up and coming Urban Pop group from Southern California that have been performing for mass audiences for over 3 years. With versatile vocal ability and tight harmonies, their sound is a mixture of funky Hip-Hop beats, high energy pop tracks and powerful ballads producing revamped iconic sound of girls groups past. Mixed with classy, yet edgy image, Marilyn Alice are a force to be reckoned with.

Marilyn Alice are fresh, fun and flirtatious, appealing to multiple markets worldwide. Their initial breakout will be in the European and Asian countries where pop music and girl groups are in high demand.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Marilyn Monroe and Alice Kingsley, Marilyn Alice are four talented blondes who don’t play by the rules. Intelligent, sassy, and edgy, they aim to break the mold and change the stereotypes of your average typical blondes.





Marilyn Alice’s Official Website


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