Lei Row – Interview


If you want to hear what’s been missing, then Lei Row is your girl!

Lei Row is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter/vocal producer originally from Harrisburg, PA. She has a familiar story on how she got started.  She’s been singing since she was a little girl and her main foundation and influences come from growing up in the church. During her teenage years, Lei Row was a part of an R&B girl group called “Untitled” who were the protege group of a then popular R&B male group “Tre Sons.”

Through this experience, Lei Row was introduced to the arts of song-writing and vocal production and hasn’t stopped since! Lei Row released a mix-album “Lei Row presnents…EuPhOrIa.” Her single “In Love Again” was featured on NYC’s HOT 97 “Twitter Unsigned Tuesday” hosted by J. Medina. She was also a finalist in the Melanie Fiona & Loud.com singer-remix contest where contestants had to write and demo an original piece to Ms. Fiona’s (song) “It Kills Me” instrumental.

Although R&B, Gospel, and Pop are her musical backbones, she is versatile and does not confine her taste or projects to one genre…hip-hop, jazz, rock, country, classical, opera, reggae, latin, electronic: she studies, loves, embraces, and incorporates it all.

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