Kyra Simone

Soothing, Sensual and Sophisticated Nu-soul Vibrations… Experience a rainbow spectrum of colours to brighten up any grey day. Touching the essence of life, love and spirituality, embrace the warm welcoming sounds. Enter the world of Kyra Simone. Kyra Simone’s Book ‘O.N.E’, incorporates the intellectual, sexy, inspirational and authentic personality of Kyra Simone, in the form of poetry, story telling and song will be a classic introduction to the many faces of Kyra Simone‘The Scent’ LP… Kyra takes you through a fragranced journey of life experiences that can bring you joy, bring you pain and capture moments that should never be taken for granted. Kyra says – ‘The alluring sweet scent that the spiritual can pick up on is something that all people should be aware of. It can keep you from trouble and lead you to good time.

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