The all female band, KLYMAXX, are the Divas that brought you hits like, “The Men All Pause”, “Meeting in the Ladies Room”, “Sexy”, “I’d Still Say Yes”, “Divas Need Love Too”, and their biggest hit ever “I Miss You”.
KLYMAXX is the brainchild of Bernadette Cooper, “The Grand Diva”.

While Cooper was in college, she had an epiphany to start an all female band that could rock just as hard as the rest, but still be sexy. After years of auditions she succeeded at just that.

After being apart, Vh1 reunited KLYMAXX in an episode of “Bands Reunited”, which was the highest rated show of the series. Once again, anything these ladies are involved in is graced with success. In 2009, TV1 showcased KLYMAXX in their critically acclaimed “Unsung” series. 2009-2010 The television show “Unsung” documented and paid homage to the band “KLYMAXX” being the only multiracial female band to break into the R&B and Pop market with 7 top hits.

Their attitude, charisma and playing ability has been surpassed by no other female band. The original Divas are still together on tour and finishing their new CD. The new music is sizzling once again utilizing the writing and production skills of Bernadette Cooper and Joyce Irby as fabulous as ever; and still representing sexy!!!

KLYMAXX has a live show that surpasses any other group out there today. Old school or new school. Check out the experience…YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE REAL DIVAS NEVER DIE!!!

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