Kim Sledge – Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation with Kim Sledge of the world-renowned Sister Sledge. Kim’s story is one of family values, fulfilled dreams and personal belief in the grace of God. Kim currently travels the world sharing the word of the Lord in word and song. She is not, as others I have spoken with who have made a transition from “secular” to “sacred music” , filled with judgement and condemnation. She’s just the opposite.

There is a graciousness and love which seems to flow out of  a place of  intimacy with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. During the conversation Kim shared about the challenges of stepping out into the ministry, the longing of others in the music industry for truth and her love of communing with the Lord in prayer and worship.

What impressed me most about Kim, is that it is obvious that she lives with a real awareness of the presence of God which she truly cherishes. All of this is captured in our time of fellowship as you will experience as you listen to the podcast.

Kim Sledge’s website

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