Joe Yander

New York keyboardist Joe Yander is all about expanding musical boundaries. He refers to his new collection of original compositions on HAVING BREAKFAST WITH REALITY, as “relaxed, smooth nu jazz, R&B, electronica and nu age.” After listening to his music, one word that comes to mind that’s applicable to everything he writes and performs is “compelling.”

Here’s a man whose passion is music… whose muse chooses to color outside the lines, and thus free the listener of musical stereotypes. In his own words, “Life is about love, living and passion; not about yesterdays and regrets.” As we say goodbye to one year and welcome a new one, there could not be a more appropriate theme to embrace than this. By extension then, there could not be more appropriate anthems for 2010 than what Joe Yander has created so eloquently on his latest album HAVING BREAKFAST WITH REALITY!

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