G.C. Cameron

G. C. was best known for the hit, “It’s so hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday”, on the sound track for the 1975 movie, “Cooley High.”  The song has endured with music fans for generations. Boyz II Men remade it into a new hit in the 1980’s. His time with with motown also yielded some now rare and highly sought after albums and singles. Many a fan old and new, still marvel at the silky soul and diverse range of the singer once called the man with 6 voices.

Before joining the Temptations, G. C. and Ben Obi produced and arranged all the songs on the project, Shadows.  G. C. performed all vocals on Shadows which displays his amazing talent and five octave range.  He later collaborated with his friend of many years Buster Malberry on the project Enticed Ecstacy where once again he displays not only his range as a singer but his ability to deliver on the works of another legendary soul singer. In this instance it is his rendition of Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” that will leave the listener breathless. Sadly Buster would pass away shortly after the album was completed so there is a special sentimental significance to the project as well as a great collaboration between two legendary musicians and friends.

G.C. left the Temptations in 2007 to pursue other projects and now tours with the G.C. Cameron review where he literally reaches back in time to pay tribute vocally to all of the legendary singers he has worked with as well as the classic songs from the Spinners and Temptations his voice has contributed that the fans so much enjoy in addition to his current music.

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