Dynasty Pt. 1

During the late 1970s or early to mid-1980s, almost any recording by R&B groups such as The Whispers, Shalamar, Midnight Star, or Dynasty, would distinguish itself as a SOLAR recording. Dynasty was not as big as The Whispers or Shalamar, but the group did enjoy a few hits. Adventures in the Land of Music, released in 1980, was Dynasty’s second album. The set contained their biggest hit, “I’ve Just Begun to Love You” (which peaked at number six on the U.S. R&B chart and number 87 on the U.S. Pop chart[1]), as well as the song, “Do Me Right” and “Groove Control”. The three songs combined to reach number five on the Dance Club chart.[2] The title track would provide the key samples for Camp Lo’s “Luchini AKA This Is It”, Angie Stone’s “Lovers’ Ghetto”, and Terri Walker’s “This Is My Time”. The band has recently reissued most of their albums on CD through Canadian indie label Unidisc Music Inc

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