CHANGE is one of the best, but also one of the most underrated, bands in Soul, Disco, and R&B genres during the first half of the 80’s. Although initially only a “studio concept”, this European-American group was created by Jacques Fred Petrus, Mauro Malavasi, and David Romani in 1979.

The first album released in 1980 was The Glow of Love. This featured the distinguished vocals of the late Luther Vandross, who later embarked upon a huge solo career in soul music, scoring a multi—platinum album with each release. The album immediately became an incredible hit, and reached the 10 spot on Billboards’ “Black albums” list. It stayed there for nine (9) weeks, becoming the 1 (Disco single album of the year. This debut album received seven.(7) Grammy Award nominations, and included the hits “A Lover’s Holiday”, “The Glow of Love”, “Searching”, “Angel in My Pocket”, and “The End.”

“The Glow of Love” is one of the most popular, covered and sampled dance songs, with over 40 licensed uses to date, according to The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), in the United States. In fact, “The Glow of Love” is the 3 all-time greatest dance/club hit recording, according to Billboard’s 100th Anniversary issue. Change released their second album, Miracles, in 1981. This album also reached the 1 spot on Billboard’s “Black music” list, remaining for six (6) weeks.

Miracles were and still are considered a “pure masterpiece of music”. Tracks from, this album included the second single, “Hold Tight”, “Miracles”, “Paradise”, “On Top”, “Your Move”, Heaven of My Life”, and the beautifully sung and orchestrated ballad, “Stop for Love.” This album became Change’s best and most well balanced release. It showed a distinct and mature musical expression that surpassed their debut, and, in fact, all the following albums as well. In 1982 the third album Sharing Your Love was released. This was the first album to be recorded in its entirety in New York, and the first time a “real” band appeared on the album cover.

Highlights on this R&B oriented album were the single “The Very Best in You”, “Promise Your Love”, “Sharing Your Love”, a remake of “0h, What a Night”, and “Take You to Heaven. This is Your Time, the fourth album, was recorded in Europe and released in, 1983. “This is Your Time”, “Angel”, “Don’t Wait Another Night”, “Magical Night”, and “Got to Get Up”, were a few of the title tracks. Future star producers and longtime friends Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were enlisted to write and produce the innovative Change of Heart album in 1984. This fifth album yielded the hits “Change of Heart” and “You Are My Melody. Which redefined soul and R&B, creating a high tech groove for the 80’s and beyond?

Other hits included “Say You Love Me Again”, “It Burns Me Up”, “Warm”, “I Got My Eyes On Y0u”, “Lovely Lady”, and the first 12” included version of the title track “Change Of Heart.” This is without a doubt one of the best albums of 1984. The sixth and final Change album, Turn on Your Radio, included the singles “Let’s Go Together”, “Oh What a Feeling”, and “Mutual Attraction,” also available on a 12″ remix.


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